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Tom Brady owes us more

Syndication: The Providence Journal Bob Breidenbach/The Providence Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Six Championships? Two decades of dominance? The greatest run in the history of professional sports? Unprecedented success and records? Elevating an entire city and ushering in title after title?

Not enough for me, I say.

I used to love Tom Brady. I was perpetually in awe of what he did and what he meant to this franchise. I was well aware that we were never going to experience anything like him for the rest of our lives and so I made a specific point to soak up every second of it. I was so grateful for everything he did for me, and for my favorite team, and tried very hard to never lose sight of what other fanbases would give for just a fraction of what I had. And when he departed for Tampa in order to make one last run at a title, I wished him nothing but the best.

But now he didn’t announce his retirement in a way that I find satisfactory, so all of that is right out the window.

He didn’t thank the Patriots in his retirement post on Instagram a few hours ago! If there’s a bigger slap in the face in the history of everything, I can’t think of it. He went all mushy over the Buccaneers but didn’t say anything about the team, and coach, and owner, that helped him grow into the greatest quarterback of all time on his internet slide show.

That level of disdain for the Patriots is just beyond the pale. What a sad day for Pats fans. I invite you all to join me in wiping the last 20 plus years of positive memories and epic moments from the memory banks.

As I’m sure you’ll all agree, reacting immediately to a single social media post, making it all about the narrative I want, and not allowing the next few days and weeks to play out at all is the smart, logical, and normal way to go about it. So that’s what we all need to do. Hopefully if enough people complain that things aren’t going the way we want it to go, the narrative can completely shift away from giving Brady his moment and allowing him to bask in the afterglow of the greatest career of all time and place it instead on knocking Brady down for acting in a matter we don’t like. I don’t know about any of you, but I’d much rather find things to be pissed about than appreciate the amazing, emotional, life-changing, historic, joyous ride — it just seems like the healthy thing to do.

Thanks for nothing, Brady. Time to go find someone who appreciates me.