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Bill Belichick Foundation announces distribution of $385,000 in scholarships and grants

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New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The New England Patriots have had unparalleled success since Bill Belichick’s arrival as head coach in 2000. However, they are not the only ones positively impacted by his presence.

As was announced by the Bill Belichick Foundation on Wednesday, it has distributed $385,000 in scholarships and grants to individuals and organizations all over the country. Per a press release, the goal is to aid student athletes and athletic programs in need of financial support and “help rebuild and grow sports programs across the United States.”

The foundation handed scholarships at $5,000 each for students who have excelled academically while also participating in athletics. To qualify, they must either be high school seniors or freshman, sophomores or juniors in college, while also holding a GPA of 3.0 or better; they also have to participate in at least one sport.

A total of 13 such scholarships were distributed. Furthermore, 32 donations of $10,000 were made to athletic programs around the country.

“We continue to be inspired by coaches, athletic directors, and volunteers for various sports programs who align their goals with ours and I’m proud that the Foundation can support 32 athletic organizations who will use the funds to build stronger teams,” Belichick said.

The Belichick Foundation was established in 2013, in memory of the late Steve Belichick. It provides coaching, mentorship and financial support to individuals, communities and organizations alike, focusing on football and lacrosse.

Over an eight-year span, it has given out more than $2.6 million worth of scholarships and grants.

“As many programs are still affected by the pandemic, we are grateful to have the opportunity to distribute scholarships and grants to help deserving student-athletes,” said Linda Holliday, the president of the Belichick Foundation. “Our aim is to lessen the burden of tuition and various costs of running athletic programs, such as equipment, field space, lockers, transportation, coaching, and registration fees.”