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NFL announces complete 2022 draft order, Patriots set to own 7 selections

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Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The New England Patriots will be headed into the new NFL league year as the owners of six selections in the 2022 draft, with a seventh soon to come their way as well.

The league announced its full draft order on Wednesday morning, one day after revealing the compensatory choices that have been handed out. The Patriots did unsurprisingly not receive any of those following their unprecedented free agency shopping spree last year, but they will still have some solid capital to work with.

As a look at the full list shows, they own at least one pick each in the first five rounds plus two in the sixth:

  • Round 1: 21st overall
  • Round 2: 54th overall
  • Round 3: 85th overall
  • Round 4: 127th overall
  • Round 5: 170th overall (from Tampa Bay for G Shaq Mason)*
  • Round 6: 200th overall
  • Round 6: 210th overall (from Los Angeles for RB Sony Michel)

*unofficial selection

While the 170th selection has yet to transfer from Tampa Bay to New England, it is expected to do so: the Patriots traded starting guard Shaq Mason to the Buccaneers on Tuesday, with the move set to become official shortly after the new league year starts on 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday afternoon.

That pick plus the one acquired as part of the Sony Michel trade with the Los Angeles Rams last August will give the Patriots seven total, despite them having previously used two of their original selections.

Their original fifth-rounder was sent to the Las Vegas Raiders last year to bring back offensive tackle Trent Brown. New England’s seventh-rounder, meanwhile, was invested in Miami Dolphins wide receiver Isaiah Ford at the 2020 trade deadline. The Patriots also sent two other picks away as part of different trades.

In total, four selections have therefore belonged to the club at one point:

  • Round 5: 164th overall (to Las Vegas for OT Trent Brown)
  • Round 7: 227th overall (from Houston for TE Ryan Izzo, to Baltimore for CB Shaun Wade)
  • Round 7: 242nd overall (to Miami for WR Isaiah Ford)
  • Round 7: 243rd overall (from Las Vegas for OT Trent Brown, to Kansas City for OL Yasir Durant)

The 2022 NFL Draft is taking place April 28-30 at the Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.