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Pair of Patriots executives receives new titles ahead of 2022 NFL Draft

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The New England Patriots have seen a large amount of turnover in their front office in each of the last two seasons. That has lead to a number of promotions, hirings, and title changes for members of the personnel department. With the release of a video shared by the teams social media accounts titled “Do Your Job: Patriots Scouting Department”, we now know the latest.

Former front office consultant Eliot Wolf is now operating as New England’s scouting director, a brand new title to the franchise, while former national scout Camren Williams has received a promotion to become the Patriots’ college scouting director.

Wolf, 40, originally joined the NFL in 2004 as a pro personnel assistant with the Green Bay Packers. After 14 seasons with Green Bay, two of which were spent as the director of football operations, he moved on and took a job as the Cleveland Browns’ assistant general manager. After a two year stint in Cleveland, he joined the Patriots in 2020 as a front office consultant and has consistently been on short lists for general manager positions ever since. In the past five seasons, Wolf has interviewed with the Packers, San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, and Minnesota Vikings for their general manager positions.

Williams, a former Ohio State linebacker, joined the Patriots in 2016 as a scouting assistant. Since, he has quickly risen throughout their personnel department and held roles as an area scout, national scout, and now the role of college scouting director. The son of former Patriots defensive tackle Brent Williams, Camren grew up in Massachusetts and attended Catholic Memorial High School prior to his days at Ohio State.

Steve Cargile, 39, will continue to serve as New England’s pro scouting director, a position that he has helped since the beginning of last season. They are expected to be the head communicators with director of player personnel Matt Groh and head coach Bill Belichick throughout this upcoming season.