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NFL Draft 2022: How the Patriots’ current draft capital compares to the other 31 teams

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The New England Patriots have several holes on both sides of the ball that need to be addressed in the upcoming NFL Draft. Adding starter-caliber talent at cornerback, the interior offensive line and possibly linebacker is at the top of the list of to-dos; other position groups would also benefit from reinforcements.

Following a trade with the Houston Texans on Monday, the Patriots have nine draft picks to work with. They own at least one selection in each round of the draft, with their full portfolio currently looking as follows:

  • Round 1: No. 21
  • Round 2: No. 54
  • Round 3: No. 85
  • Round 4: No. 127
  • Round 5: No. 158 (via Miami)
  • Round 6: No. 183 (via Houston)
  • Round 6: No. 200
  • Round 6: No. 210 (via Los Angeles)
  • Round 7: No. 245 (via Houston from Dallas)

While New England has a lot of picks to work with, there is a difference between quantity and quality. Every single first-round pick, for example, is worth more than all the seventh-round selections combined.

As can be seen, the Patriots’ current draft is lighter at the top: only three of those nine selections come on either the first or second day of the draft. The combined value of New England’s capital is therefore rather average when compared to the other teams in the league (via René Bugner):

While different draft value charts use different methodology to determine value, all of the eight listed above have the Patriots in the same general area: right in the middle.

Whereas the Jason Fitzgerald/Brad Spielberger and Michael Lopez charts have New England in 14th place in combined draft value, four charts have them in 15th (Chase Stuart, Pro Football Focus, SIS, John Dixon). The rather antiquated Jimmy Johnson chart, meanwhile, lists the team as No. 17.

Pats Pulpit’s own Rich Hill, meanwhile, sees the Patriots’ draft capital as the 16th most valuable in the league. Per his recently updated chart, the team has 327.1 points to work with, which is roughly the equivalent of the eighth overall selection.

Of course, a lot can and will change over the next few days: every additional trade made by New England or other clubs will have an impact on the value chart as well. For the moment, however, the Patriots are in a pretty average position as far as the total value of their draft capital is concerned.