Visitor's observations...

As a long time observer and admirer of Billy B I see two players in this draft that I would bet he dreams of, as he lays his head on the pillow each night.
1) Jordan Davis...This guy is a turbo charged Vince Wilfork. Wilfork was the key for Bill's D for ten years in that he dominated the interior and demanded double and triple teams, allowing Billy B to wreak havoc by opening mismatches for his other ten players. I don't think any other Coach in the NFL could get more out of Davis than your grumpy fisherman.

2) Charlie Kolar...Can't understand why this guy isn't getting more hype pre draft. Big, fast with sticky hands, he is the closest thing to Gronk in this draft IMO. Pats have invested a lot in the TE position lately but no other Coach values the position as highly, and correctly, as the Wesleyan Economics Major. Kolar could be a Red Zone terror.

I know that neither of these positions represent positions of perceived need for the Pats but these players are the kind of mismatch, difference makers your Coach craves.

May have to trade up for Davis.

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