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Patriots enlist the help of Ernie Adams to unveil their 2022 schedule

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What the draft is for the NFL’s 32 college scouting departments, schedule release day is for the league’s social media teams. They go above and beyond to put as much creativity as possible into announcing the upcoming season’s slate of games.

This year’s release videos went online on Thursday night, and most of them delivered yet again. From the Los Angeles Chargers’ anime, to the Detroit Lions’ urban survival training, to the Atlanta Falcons’ Rube Goldberg Machine, schedule release day saw some outstanding content produced by the teams and their social staffs.

The New England Patriots enlisted the help of an old friend to announce their 2022 schedule: Ernie Adams, who retired from his position as the team’s research director last year, was the star of the video.

The clip shows Adams in front of a white board, going through the schedule week-for-week and giving his take on each of the Patriots’ opponents. While not as production-intensive as some of the other videos put out by the NFL’s clubs, New England’s is still a nice way to honor a franchise legend and give fans another taste of ol’ “Pink Stripes” himself.