not worried about the offense at all

Been watching the Pats since the 70's. And through every regime before the Belichick era, one thing could always be counted on: the offense was too predictable.

That changed under Belichick, even in the Bledsoe year. Even in the conservative early Brady years. While one might be tempted to give complete credit to Charlie Weiss, that kind of philosophy usually starts with the head coach. And we now know that Weiss and Bill developed the new Pats offense together.

All those years when people kept saying Bill was a defensive genius, I kept saying, nah, he's an offensive genius.

Since 2009, I've been very critical of Bill's defenses. They range from mediocre to stinky. The points allowed stat is deceptive. They've played the last 12 years in a division with no elite QB's, and the weather can always produce a couple of low scoring games in in the northeast.

There have been some successes, such as the recent Super Bowl against the Rams. But for the most part, this defense disappoints. It seldom produces punts. It can't get off the field without a turnover.

Fans are worried about the lack of an OC. I'd rather we had O'Brien, but I can live with things as they are. Not that Judge or Patricia are sure to be good OC's, but what was Charlie Weiss before or after Belichick? Judge and Patricia are smart, talented guys who will be guided by the offensive genius of Bill Belichick.

Thank God, because the defensive genius of Bill Belichick is a myth.

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