What I would have done: Armchair GM (5/4/2022)

So I'm going to make this post in the face of cult like rationalization going on in this fanbase, to the inevitable point in time where "easy to say in hindsight" will be dropped in 1-4 years from now a billion times. This draft was atrocious. If you think it wasn't, good for you. We'll see how it turns out, this is what I would have done instead, zero hindsight it's May:

21. Patriots trade down: Great, I'd grade that a B+ to A+ range move, I did in real time. Jermaine Johnson was staring us in the face but I guess there's a reason he fell. Trent McDuffie has t-rex arms and likely is a slot corner imo, so while that has value we're too far away to spend a 21st overall pick on a nickel. I agree with this move, would have likely done the same or taking Johnson but of course I don't have the 200 pages of injury data, personal info, etc. Trade down to 29.


29. Daxton Hill, FS/CB, Michigan - Ideally I'd just trade down again but I feel like it's not possible to project that so I have to pick. Since there was a run of WRs, again trading down makes a ton of sense. Drafting a guard with a 3rd round consensus grade makes no sense. I don't love drafting for a future need with this current roster, but Devin McCourty is 35 in August and this secondary has hemorrhaged talent. So for the record, I go Dax Hill here. I'd consider Booth/Gordon/Paschal as well, but it's Hill.


50. George Pickens, WR, Georgia - So we traded up to 50. I can't move around the board and won't change order. We don't have the reports on Pickens and his injuries or alleged red flags, but you have to take risks at 50 overall on a potential WR1, X-receiver. Pickens is that. If the red flags were that bad, I'd entertain Pierce but probably go Moore or Goedeke or Taylor-Britt. But the pick is Pickens, huge bust potential but big swing.


85. Dylan Parham, OG, Memphis - I do like Marcus Jones but ideally I would have tried to trade up with Travis Jones, Bernhard Raimann, DeMarvin Leal (290lb DE) still on the board prior to this pick in close proximity. But, since there is a hole at LG I feel like this is the time to make a decent investment into it, the appropriate time.

94. Traded out - Great trade value wise here by Belichick/Front Office, can't change it and wouldn't.


121. Calvin Austin Jr, WR, Memphis - Back to back Memphis guys, yep. Instead of wasting a pick on Jack Jones (inb4 he's awesome for us) I'd much rather have spent it on a high upside, uber athlete gadget player. Could be an amazing slot for us, Z piece, whatever. Kind of player that provides extremely valuable potential.

127. Pierre Strong Jr., RB - Just going to keep this pick the same, it's fine. Add a 4.3 RB who could receive a bit, could be explosive in the mid 4th, fine.

137. Darian Kinnard, OT, Kentucky - again with the red flags, we don't have all the info but if this prospect fell due to flags well it's not like we haven't drafted Alfonzo Dennard, Dominique Easley, Aaron Hernandez before. Marcus Cannon with cancer, Gronk with back surgery, etc. This is what you do to get talent, you have to. If the flags were that bad, okay I'd roll the dice on Zyon McCollum as an athlete despite his concerning stats/tape at low level.

183. Jamaree Salyer, OG, Georgia - Just double dipping at IOL as our depth there is bad after losing Mason and Karras. Parham (nor Strange) is a guarantee to be good, and Salyer fell a lot despite production and having a pretty good grade as a prospect. Why not really. Competes for the LG spot, depth.

200+210+245 - This is where BB/NE should have packaged picks and moved up, especially if they were just going to spend them on UDFAs anyway like Sam Roberts. Cool I guess. Can't just Professor X trades into existence so, I think Roberts even at 200 is a reach but who knows at this point in the draft. I'm fine with all of these picks, this is where it actually is a pure dice roll. I guess Roberts probably has some athletic upside over a guy like Isaiah Thomas DE from Oklahoma who was picked later, also odd we did not select a punter and we're apparently eating 4 mil cap with Bailey despite moving on from Mason and Karras which is...beyond frustrating but we'll see.

That is what I'd do as of right now, zero hindsight besides obviously seeing the board entirely. The players would have been there anyway. We'll see who's draft is better Belichick and Groh or some guy burning time while working online.

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