My Too Early Playoff Seeding and Super Bowl Prediction


Division Winners:

1. Bengals

2. Chargers

3. Bills

4. Titans

Bengals massively improved their OL, so I think that they will finish with the number 1 seed! Joe has proven himself, and the Bengals defense will be a force to be reckoned with.

Chargers missed the playoffs by the skin of their teeth! Herbert keeps showcasing himself as a top 5 QB, and with the defense getting some massive upgrades this offseason, better watch out!

Bills will start out slow this year, cause of the loss of their OC, but they will continue to be a dominant force about halfway through the season!

Titans will win their division because of the lack of competition. Colts could be a pain in the butt, but I just don't see them being a major threat this season! Jags and the Texans are still trying to get their roster's straightened out right now, so they will be the bottom 2. Don't be surprised though if the Jags end up winning about 7 games this season!

Wild Card:

5. Patriots

6. Broncos

7. Chiefs

Patriots are going to be a better team this season. I have the upmost of confidence that Belichick nailed the drafting this year. The Pats offense is going to be a force to be reckoned with this year IMO. The defense will have to work out a few kinks at the beginning of the season, but look for them to awaken around week 5!

Broncos would be higher, but I am unsure about Russell Wilson. While I think he will have a good year, Wilson has not been the same QB since Doug Baldwin retired, while he might end up having a breakout year, I have a gut feeling he won't have the type of year people are expecting. Their division is tough also, and that will make it tougher to have a good record.

Steelers could easily finish with the 7th seed again, but the Chiefs still have Mahomes so they will get the 7th seed. Their offense will have to work out a lot of kinks, cause of the departure of Tyreek Hill, same with their defense due to the loss of Mathieu. But Andy Reid will get through it in the end!

Wild Card Round:

Chargers Vs Chiefs

Will be one of toughest fought games in the playoffs this year. Both teams will beat each other up, but at the end of the day, Chargers will make a play on defense and win the game! Score Prediction: 33-36

Broncos Vs Bills:

Bills will be hot in the playoffs again. While the Broncos defense might put up a fight, Josh Allen will be too unstoppable in the playoffs as usual! Score Prediction: 17-27

Pats Vs Titans:

Mac Jones will lead the team to a dominating win. Titans will suffer cause of their QB, and their defense will have had another wasted season! Score Prediction: 13-41

Division Round:

Bills Vs Chargers:

A tough fought game between two of the best QBs in the league right now, and arguably the best QBs in the AFC right now! Defense will be non-existent between both teams! A game winning drive will decide it all, and the QB who pulls it out is Josh Allen! Score Prediction: 35-38

Pats Vs Bengals:

Mac and Joe will put on a show for the crowd in this game. Both teams will make some great stops on defense, but in the end, the Bengals' offense is too much for the Pats' defense to handle! Score Prediction: 21-27

Conference Championship:

Bills Vs Bengals:

Will be one of the greatest games ever played! Josh and Joe will light up each other's defense, and it will come down to another game winning drive! Josh Allen will get to play in his first Super Bowl! Score Prediction: 28-31

AFC Conference Champions: Buffalo Bills


Division Winners:

1. Bucs

2. Rams

3. Eagles

4. Packers

Tom Brady and the Bucs will be out for blood this season. This will probably be Tom's last year as a player in the NFL, and I think he will go out on another high note!

Rams were able to keep a lot of their team together. Stafford and the Rams will easily win the division this year, and Stafford will have another great year! The defensive line will be their usual dominant selves.

Eagles made a lot of great moves this offseason. And they absolutely crushed the draft this year! Eagles will win their division, but they better hope that Jalen Hurts can step up this year!

Packers will win their division, only because they beefed up their defense this year! Vikings will be close behind, but the Packers don't have a coaching turnover this year, and Aaron Rodgers is still a top 10 QB in the NFL.

Wild Card:

5. Vikings

6. Commanders

7. Saints

Vikings were a good defense away from making the playoffs last year! Kirk Cousins had an outstanding year, but his defense kept letting him down in clutch situations! While having a new coach will be a bit of an adjustment, the Vikings improved their defense in the draft, and the team looks to still have a commanding offense!

The Commanders needed a long term QB, and adding Carson Wentz was a good idea in my opinion. Carson had a good year with the Colts last season, but the OL kept killing him, the defense was a huge letdown, and the OL was garbage! With a fresh start with the Commanders, look for Washington be a dark horse threat!

The Saints arguably have the best defense in the NFL right now, and they only upgraded with the signing of Mathieu! They did a good job this year with the draft as well, and they can only hope that Winston can return strong, after tearing his ACL last year! Saints will make the playoffs after narrowly missing them last year!

Wild Card Round:

Saints Vs Rams:

Saints will be outmatched in this game. The Rams' offense will be too much for the Saints' defense to handle, and the Saints' offense will struggle as well! Score Prediction: 10-31

Commanders Vs Eagles

Carson Wentz against his former team, what a playoff game this will be! Eagles and Washington will have a defensive showdown, and the Eagles pull it out in the end! Score Prediction: 14-17

Vikings Vs Packers:

Rodgers and Cousins will go at it! Vikings will stun the Packers, as the WR room for the Packers struggles against a young secondary for the Vikings: Score Prediction: 17-31

Division Round:

Rams Vs Eagles

Eagles will have their hands full with the Rams. Both teams will give each other fits, and it will be a brutal game on defense! But the clutch Stafford will engineer a game winning drive in the end! Score Prediction: 20-24

Vikings Vs Bucs:

Vikings will get off to a fast start against the Bucs, but Tom Brady will come alive in the second half of the game, and shred the Vikings' defense. With Godwin back for the Bucs, Brady will have all that he needs! Score Prediction: 21-31

Conference Championship:

Rams Vs Bucs:

Bucs will and Rams will go at each other on offense! Bucs will have the lead at halftime, and while the Rams will make some huge plays in the 4th quarter, the Bucs will be able to keep their foot on the gas pedal and send Brady to his 11th Super Bowl! Score Prediction: 27-33

NFC Conference Champions: Tampa Bay Bucs

Super Bowl 57: Buffalo Bills Vs Tampa Bay Bucs

Tom Brady against his former Division Rival in what will probably be his final NFL game as a starting QB. Bucs and Bills are tight throughout the whole game, and the Bills get out to lead midway through the 4th quarter, but Tom Brady pulls one last rabbit out of his hat, and engineers another game winning drive to finish out his career! Score Prediction: 30-34

Super Bowl 57 Champions: Tampa Bay Bucs: Super Bowl 57 MVP: Tom Brady!

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