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Isaiah Wynn on moving to right tackle at Patriots minicamp: ‘I will be wherever they need me to be’

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New England Patriots Practice Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Isaiah Wynn has started 34 games since joining the New England Patriots as a first-round selection in the 2018 NFL Draft. With the exception of a brief one-game stint at left guard, every one of his starts and in fact all of his playing time has come at the left tackle spot.

And yet, when the team opened its mandatory minicamp on Tuesday, Wynn lined up on the right end of the line. His usual position in the starting lineup, meanwhile, was filled by veteran Trent Brown — he of 10 starts at right tackle last year. Wednesday’s session was more of the same.

So, what’s the deal? Unsurprisingly, head coach Bill Belichick gave no real insight into the situation on Wednesday. The man in question himself, meanwhile, offered only slightly more substance later that day.

“It’s like playing left tackle, it’s just on the opposite side,” Wynn said after his second practice at right tackle.

“It’s the same position just different sides. From a technique standpoint it’s all the same but instead of working with your left, you’re working with your right. That’s what it is.”

However, he did go on to acknowledge that flipping sides takes some getting used to.

“Playing left all the time and then having to flip, that’s like you being right-handed and then you’re trying to write with your left hand,” he said. “But you get used to it the more you work at it, the more you practice. I will be wherever they need me to be at.”

Wynn moved between left guard and left tackle during his time at Georgia, and the Patriots decided to keep him on that side of their O-line as well after bringing him on board. In fact, the last time he aligned at right tackle was during his rookie training camp — before a torn ACL suffered in the preseason opener ended his first pro campaign.

Since returning from that season-ending injury, Wynn was used exclusively on the left side in practice and games alike. Now, however, the Patriots have decided to give him some reps on the opposite end of the line.

When asked his opinion of the move, the 26-year-old played the “helping the team” card in return.

“Do I like the change? It’s wherever they need me,” Wynn said.

“I’m good. Listen, wherever they need me. If they put me at corner, I’m going to try to play corner.”

Whether or not the change is a permanent one or just aimed at improving the theoretical depth across the board remains to be seen. However, it cannot be denied that it was one of the most noteworthy developments during New England’s minicamp so far.