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From breweries to trampoline parks: 5 former Patriots who are now entrepreneurs

Joe Andruzzi, Drew Bledsoe and Ty Law are among the New England alumni who have proved themselves as business entrepreneurs off the field.

Patriots Media Day Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Playing in the NFL is not a career that will last a lifetime. As players often retire in their late-20s or 30s, life takes turns elsewhere. Some, however, do not let their competitive spirit die, even if it ventures outside of sports and into business. Many former New England Patriots fall into this category, as they have started their own businesses in several different industries.

Here are 5 former Patriots who have become entrepreneurs.

Dan Koppen: LineSider Brewing Co.

After his wife informed him that he was too young to retire, Koppen started a brewery with his business partner, Jeremy Ruff, and his father-in-law. LineSider Brewery — located at 1485 South County Trail, East Greenwich, Rhode Island — has now made over 10 beers on tap. The options include a number of West Coast IPAs, New England style IPAs, as well as a lager, porter, and stout.

“We want a wide range,’’ Koppen told in 2019. “We don’t wanna be pushed into a corner and say, ‘We’re just doing this style.’ Our philosophy is we want to create a very family-friendly environment, with a wide range of beers. You’re going to be able to find something that you like.’’

Ty Law: Launch Trampoline Park

Throughout his 15-year career, Ty Law was a three-time Super Bowl champion and two-time first team All-Pro member. But instead of jumping for interceptions, retirement has led Law to jumping on trampolines.

After bringing his then-nine year old son to a trampoline park in 2012, Law did not enjoy his time but instead found something more valuable — a business opportunity.

“It was too crowded, I didn’t like it. It smelled like feet,” Law said in 2019. “The kids enjoyed it, but there was nothing for parents to do ... Where’s the food? I just saw so much of what it could’ve been. But kids were coming in by the busloads. So [then] a light went on. I started doing the math, counting heads, multiplying it by how much I paid. I was like, ‘Hey, there might be something to this.’”

After teaming up with contractor Rob Arnold, Law founded Launch Trampoline Park. Besides the usual trampoline jump surfaces, Launch includes various styles of additional entertainment including ninja style obstacle courses, climbing walls, laser tag, battle pit, bowling, and more.

Steve Grogan: Grogan Marciano Sporting Goods

Grogan retired as the Patriots all-time leader in passing yards (26,886) and passing touchdowns (182). Well known for his toughness, Grogan used that mentality to turn around a struggling business. The former quarterback purchased Marciano Sporting Goods — now renamed Grogan Marciano Sporting Goods — in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and continues to run the business today.

Joe Andruzzi: Joe Andruzzi Foundation

While a battle with non-Hodgkin’s Burkitt’s lymphoma ended Andruzzi’s football career in 2007, it led to the creation of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation in 2008. The foundation focuses on providing financial assistance to patients and families in New England, allowing them to focus on their treatment and recovery.

Through the foundation, Andruzzi and Co. have raised raise millions of dollars for thousands of families afflicted with cancer. You can donate here.

Drew Bledsoe: Doubleback Winery

After his football career, Bledsoe returned home to Walla Walla, Washington, to achieve his other longtime goal — owning a winery. After purchasing a piece of property on the southern edge of the Walla Walla Valley, Bledsoe and his wife founded the Doubleback Winery in 2007 The winery has four estate vineyards all located in the Walla Walla Valley.

As he often did on the field, Bledsoe found success through his winery. His wine placed 53rd overall Wine Spectator’s Top 100 wines in 2010. Now partnered with Josh McDaniels (not related to former Patriots’ coach Josh McDaniels) — who was nicknamed a “Washington Prodigy” and a “Game Changer of Washington Wine” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine —Bledsoe continues his pursuit of perfection in Cabernet Sauvignon.