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Mac Jones’ frustration continues to boil over: ‘It wasn’t very good out there’

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New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Mac Jones led the Patriots offense for four drives Friday night. Out of those four drives, only one resulted in points, while two were four-and-outs and one ended with a poor interception.

The offensive struggles have been well documented for the Patriots throughout the offseason. Those struggles were again apparent Friday night, as an ugly interception by Jones was capped off by him chucking his blue tablet behind the bench, and then eventually his play-calling wristband.

“I think I care I care a lot about this game,” Jones said postgame. “I sometimes get a little bit too passionate. But at the same time, it’s a great point. Don’t let it carry over. I don't think I did that.

“After the interception and all that, I tried to just clean the plate, and start fresh. Sometimes it’s getting the frustration out and moving on. Obviously, I need to do a better job of just playing the next play, and don't let one little play get frustrating.”

After the interception, Jones and the starting offense got a chance to eventually right their wrong. A pair of completions to Kendrick Bourne (12 yards) and Hunter Henry (16 yards) got New England in field goal territory.

Nick Folk then connected on a 35-yard attempt, but for Jones, it marked his last snaps of the preseason.

“It’s the preseason. You don't know how many plays you're going to play, but it doesn't really matter,” Jones said. “Just go out there and give the best effort every play. Sometimes it’s hard to find a rhythm, but it’s what you gotta do regardless of how much you’re going to play. We can do better with that, and we will.”

While Jones’ final drive did result in points, it was not an overall performance to write home about. In total, Jones completed 9 of 13 passes for 71 yards and one interception. He was also sacked twice for 19 yards.

“It wasn’t very good out there,” Jones said. “We’re all gonna come together and be strong. I hate saying it’s the preseason, but there’s a lot you can learn from preseason games. It’s not like we’re in the middle of a season here. So, you wanna peak when you wanna peak and, right now, we’re where we are.”

As for improvements going forward, Jones’ comfortability in the pocket is key. Jones did not seem to see the field well Friday night, as he looked more comfortable throwing on the move.

“I have to do a better job of getting the ball out and stepping up in the pocket instead of running around and stop putting my line in a bad position,” Jones said after the game. “I pride myself in being right here behind the center, and you guys block for me.”