Pats Win Total: U Betting Over or Under?

QB: up (fitness, experience)

Line: Trent up, Cole < Shaq? - same

RBs: same

WRs: up a little (DeVante)

TEs: up (2nd year in system, a few plays for Jonnu)

LBs: ? (slooow last year but novice mistakes this year) - same?

Secondary: down (JCJ)

Line: slight up (Barmore)? Can i still hope for Flowers?

O Coordinator: down

Special Teams: solid


Is div better? A little?

Jets - regression to mean, but still a mess. A little up?

Fins - ??? coaching down, Tyreek up, Waddle year 2. A little up?

Bills - Von Miller, Saffold, solid RB in Cook. QB at peak confidence. A little up?


So everyone improved, but I think Pats improved more than Fins and Jets.

I'm taking Over. But I'm probably a homer.

What r u betting?

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