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Patriots to begin offensive coordinator search; in talks to extend Jerod Mayo

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In an unprecedented press release, the New England Patriots announced Thursday that they have begun contract extension talks with linebackers coach Jerod Mayo, while they will also begin the process of hiring an offensive coordinator next week.

The New England Patriots and Head Coach Bill Belichick have begun contract extension discussions with Jerod Mayo that would keep him with the team long-term. In addition, the team will begin interviewing for offensive coordinator candidates beginning next week.

New England was without an offensive coordinator for the entire 2022 season, as Senior Football Advisor/Offensive line coach Matt Patricia served as the play caller. He was joined by offensive assistant/quarterbacks coach Joe Judge and Belichick himself in leading the offense and replacing former offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

The results were poor, as New England’s offense regressed in several notable offensive categories such as third-down, red-area efficiency, and total touchdowns scored. The team missed the playoffs with an 8-9 record.

The moves were viewed by many as unconventional at the time, as Patricia and Judge’s NFL experience mainly came on defense and special teams, respectively. The statement the team released implies they will be moving away from such set up, potentially opening the door for both coaches to fill other roles on the staff.

Based off of Belichick’s history, an offensive coordinator hire will likely be one he’s familiar with. That includes former Patriots quarterbacks coach/offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien.

In addition to the offensive coordinator search, the Patriots added they have “begun contract extension discussions with Jerod Mayo that would keep him with the team long-term.”

The news comes on the same day that the Carolina Panthers requested to interview him for their head coaching vacancy. The Cleveland Browns also put in a previous request to interview him for their defensive coordinator position.

With Mayo’s contract reportedly expiring this offseason, the Patriots did not want to lose one of their best and more important coaches on the that side of the ball. After Mayo turned down an offer to become co-defensive coordinator last season, according to NBC Sports Boston, the new extension will likely come with an upgraded title — perhaps even setting the stage for him to be the head coach in waiting.