Patriots Coaching Staff

Jerod Mayo is a great coach. He is going to leave for greener pastures this off season. Whether it's as a play calling Defensive Coordinator or an NFL Head coach he's gone. His departure leaves Steve Belichick as the logical appointment at Defensive Coordinator. He spent 4 years as a coaching assistant and 7 years coaching Safeties and Linebackers. He's been the Defensive Play Caller since Brian Flores left. The man has put in his time and deserves the title. Matt Patricia goes back to Linebackers Coach. Or he can coach Safeties and move Brian Belichick to Linebackers Coach .
Cameron Achord is getting fired from Special Teams Coordinator. Joe Judge would slot right into his old job.

Nick Caley should be the offensive play caller in 2023. I think Patricia was given play calling duties in part to create separation between Josh McDaniels and the next offensive play caller to take over. The next guy up will now be compared favorably to Patricia, not unfavorably to McDaniels. I hope that since Caley coached Fullbacks he knows their value and the position is brought back to the roster.

Quarterbacks Coach: Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe deserve a position coach that can help them grow and develop. Jerry Schuplinski or George Godsey would be good fits.Both started coaching in the NFL for the Patriots. Both have years of experience.It would be a promotion for either of them. There is not a good candidate currently with the team unless Brian Hoyer wants to retire and take the position.(I'm kidding)

Running Backs Coach; If the Patriots keep Vinnie Sunseri he needs an assistant. Sammy Morris has coaching experience. Kevin Faulk is an intern with the Giants after a few years at LSU.

Offensive Line Coach:Maybe Cole Popovich will come back now that covid vaccines aren't mandatory. Maybe Belichick can get Jeff Davidson to come out of retirement. Otherwise promote Billy Yates and get him an assistant.

Wide Receivers Coach: Troy Brown is the only position coach on offense who I expect to keep the same title. I very much want to see if he can develop Tyquan Thornton. I would enjoy to hear from Marcus Jones on Browns impact on his development.

Tight Ends/ Fullbacks Coach: Tyler Hughes should take over TE/FB coaching responsibility's. After three years as a coaching assistant it's time he was given a position to coach.

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