Predicting Every Team's Starting QB in the NFL Next Year


Bills: Josh Allen (Need I say more?)

Dolphins: Lamar Jackson (I really believe that the Ravens won't pay Lamar, and that the Dolphins will go all out to get him. His style of play fits their coaches' scheme, plus he would have a ton of new weapons to work with.)

Jets: Aaron Rodgers (The owner of the Jets just came out and said that they would spend top dollar for a proven QB, and what better way to make use of this team, than to trade for one of the best QBs in the NFL right now.)

Patriots Mac Jones (With a better OC, hopefully Mac takes the next step and improves. I believe he will, and I am confident he will put up better stats next year.)

AFC West:

Broncos: Russel Wilson (They cannot get out of this. Hopefully for them, a new coach is able to get more out of him than Hackett did.)

Chargers: Justin Herbert (Still one of the best QBs in the NFL right now, IMO.)

Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes (Don't get me started.)

Raiders: Tom Brady (Brady will reunite with Josh McDaniels, and make one final push for the Super Bowl. With the weapons that the Raiders have, it will be perfect. Plus they won't have to trade for him either.)

AFC North:

Bengals: Joe Burrow (No doubt a top 6 QB in the NFL right now.)

Browns: Deshaun Watson (They are stuck with him in more ways than one.)

Ravens: Trey Lance (While it wouldn't surprise me if they trade for Davis Mills, I think the Ravens will go after Lance because his skill set is similar to Lamar Jackson. But regardless of who their starting QB is next season, they have got to get more firepower in the WR department, because their WR group sucks!)

Steelers: Kenny Pickett (Kenny had a promising Rookie season, and I believe that he has the potential to be a game changer for the Steelers.)

AFC South:

Colts: C.J. Stroud (The Colts need a long term answer at QB, not another one year rental QB, they might trade up to get him, but I believe that C.J. is heading their way.)

Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence (Trevor flashed so much this season, mainly due to the fact that he had a much better coach that adjusted the playbook to fit his playing style. Trevor will be even better next year with the addition of Calvin Ridley.)

Titans: Ryan Tannehill (Titans do not have a good enough pick to snag a good QB in the first round. And even if they do draft a QB in the later rounds, Ryan is still a solid option for the team.)

Texans: Bryce Young (While it is tough to pick between Bryce and C.J. Stroud, I believe that the Texans will choose Bryce Young because of his ability to run and extend the play.)

NFC East:

Commanders: Sam Howell (While they might bring in a veteran QB to compete with him, it is best for Washington if they ride the pine with Sam Howell, because as we saw with Brock Purdy, you never know what kind of steal you may have found. Plus the Commanders do not have a good enough draft pick to snag a QB. And maybe a new OC will get more out of that team.)

Cowboys: Dak Prescott (They have to stick with him, and they shouldn't have a problem with it either.)

Eagles: Jalen Hurts (With the addition of A.J. Brown, Jalen Hurts became one of the most talked about QBs in the NFL this season. He should win MVP IMO.)

Giants: Daniel Jones (Brian Daboll got more out of Daniel Jones in one year than Judge did in 2 years. The Giants really need to get some WR help if they want Daniel to really take the next step.)

NFC West:

Cardinals: Kyler Murray (Because of the contract they gave him last year, they are stuck with him for next season.)

Rams: Matthew Stafford (No reason for them to get a new QB. Stafford should be able to come back healthy, and get the team back on the right track.)

Seahawks: Geno Smith (While Geno will be the starting QB next year, I believe that the Seahawks will draft Anthony Richardson, and groom him to be the long term option at QB.)

49ers: Brock Purdy (49ers will trade Trey Lance in the offseason, and sign a veteran backup like Sam Darnold to back up Mr. Irrelevant.)

NFC North:

Bears: Justin Fields (Despite the rumors surrounding them taking a QB with the 1st overall pick, the Bears will stick with Fields, but they have got to improve the OL, and get him better weapons in the WR department if they want to see his passing game improve.)

Lions: Jared Goff (Jared Goff played better this year than anyone imagined. Lions will continue to try and improve the team around him, and hope that Jameson Williams is able to be the number 1 WR they think he is.)

Packers: Jordan Love (Aaron Rodgers will hit the road next year, and Jordan Love will be the new face of the franchise. How long that will be depends on how well he plays.)

Vikings: Kirk Cousins (While they could potentially draft a QB in the later rounds to groom him to replace Kirk at some point, the Vikings still have Cousins locked in for next year, and signing a veteran QB would be a waste of time and money.)

NFC South:

Bucs: Derek Carr (With the departure of Tom Brady, the Bucs add a quick replacement, and hope that he is able to have a revival.)

Falcons: Desmond Ridder (The Falcons are going to suck next year, and their draft pick is too high for a QB, so they ride the year with Desmond and see if he has potential as a long term option.)

Panthers: Will Levis (The Panthers have got to get a QB, they have no long term option, and Matt Corral looks to be a long term backup in the NFL. I believe that Will Levis is going to fall to the Panthers, and they will make good use of him.)

Saints: Jacoby Brissett (The Saints are in a rough spot right now. I don't know what their long term option at QB will be, but I believe that they will sign Jacoby as a quick replacement. While I believe that they will be able to trade Sean Payton for a first round pick, they won't be able to snag a QB that is battle ready.)

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