Predicting Who Will Fill the Coaching Vacancies

Broncos: Sean Payton (While I think there is a possibility that Sean goes to the Texans, I get the gut feeling that he will want to go to the Broncos because they have a lot of potential, and the fact that they will have new GM will make it more enticing for Sean Payton. If not Sean Payton, it will be Dan Quinn)

Cardinals: Vance Joseph (This will be a bad hiring IMO. But this is the only option I see for the Cardinals. I really hope he works out for them though.)

Colts: Shane Steichen (The Colts are going to draft a long term option at QB, and considering what Shane has done with the Eagles' offense this season, it almost makes too much sense.)

Panthers: Ben Johnson (I see the Panthers drafting a QB in this year's NFL draft, and considering what Ben did with the Lion's offense this year, it is almost a match made in heaven.)

Texans: Jonathan Gannon (While it might be a questionable hiring, the Texans have a lot of interest in him, and were impressed with his interview last year. While I am still keeping an eye on them going after Sean Payton, I believe that Sean would end up clashing with Nick Caserio (Their GM), and it would make things too difficult.)

Rams (If Sean McVay retires): Raheem Morris: (This would only be a temporary solution for the Rams, until Sean returns.)

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