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NFL Week 4 Sunday games: Patriots rooting guide, picks, open thread, and more

Welcome to our Week 4 Patriots Rooting Guide.

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The New England Patriots are back on the road this week for a matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. As New England looks to get back to .500 in the four-o’clock slate, it’s a busy Week 4 schedule around the rest of the NFL.

Lets get right into this week’s Patriots Rooting Guide!

9:30 a.m. ET

Atlanta Falcons (2-1) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2): Go Falcons! An early start to our football Sunday as the Jaguars are back in London for an early kickoff against the Falcons. The Patriots will root for the NFC team in this one. | ESPN+

1:00 p.m. ET

Miami Dolphins (3-0) at Buffalo Bills (2-1): Go... nobody? What may be the game of the week features a battle of AFC East teams. The best news for New England is that one of these two has to lose (barring a tie). | CBS

Minnesota Vikings (0-3) at Carolina Panthers (0-3): Go good game! In the first of two games between 0-3 opponents this Sunday, the all NFC matchup does not have a major impact on New England. | FOX

Denver Broncos (0-3) at Chicago Bears (0-3): Go Bears! The second 0-3 matchup is between an AFC and NFC team, which has the Patriots siding with the Bears. | CBS

Baltimore Ravens (2-1) at Cleveland Browns (2-1): Go good game! Staying within the AFC North, at least one team that projects to be in the Wild Card hunt will fall back to .500. | CBS

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) at Houston Texans (1-2): Go Steelers (yuck)! Two more AFC teams here, but the Steelers reside on New England’s schedule - positively impacting their strength of schedule with a Pittsburgh victory. | CBS

Los Angeles Rams (1-2) at Indianapolis Colts (2-1): Go Rams! While the Colts also fall on the Patriots schedule, they'll side with the NFC team in this one. | FOX

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) at New Orleans Saints (2-1): Go Saints! Another team on New England’s schedule, as New Orleans visits Foxboro next weekend. | FOX

Washington Commanders (2-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-0): Go good game! An all NFC matchup within the division New England faces. The outcome is no major rooting interest. | FOX

Cincinnati Bengals (1-2) at Tennessee Titans (1-2): Go good game! Another AFC vs. AFC bout, another team that just has to lose in New England’s eyes. | FOX

4:05 p.m. ET

Las Vegas Raiders (1-2) at Los Angeles Chargers (1-2): Go good game! Both teams fall on New England’s schedule and within the AFC. | CBS

4:25 p.m. ET

Arizona Cardinals (1-2) at San Francisco 49ers (3-0): Go good game! The last game in the four-o’clock window has no major impact on the Patriots. | FOX

8:20 p.m. ET

Kansas City Chiefs (2-1) at New York Jets (1-2): Go Chiefs! No major surprise here, as the Patriots and the Swifties will be rooting for Kansas City against the AFC East Jets. | NBC

Make sure to check down below for the Pats Pulpit staff’s best picks today, while also heading to the comment section to discuss anything from Week 4 of the NFL season.

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