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Patriots vs. Raiders highlights: Ezekiel Elliott ends New England’s touchdown drought

The New England Patriots’ offensive struggles continued in Week 6 against the Las Vegas Raiders. The team did manage to put an end to its touchdownless streak: after not finding the end zone even once in the previous 39 possessions, Ezekiel Elliott broke the plane in the third quarter for his first TD as a Patriot.

The play itself saw Elliott line up in a shotgun look, with quarterback Mac Jones on the sidelines. Rookie QB/WR-hybrid Malik Cunningham was on the field as well, split out wide to the left.

Elliott took the direct snap and pounced forward to cap off a 10-play, 75-yard drive. The score made it a 13-10 game in favor of the Raiders, but gave the Patriots offense some much-needed momentum in what is another rough outing by the unit as a whole.