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Join Pats Pulpit’s 2023 Second chance NFL Survivor contest

This free survivor contest pays out $100 to the winner. Bragging rights are the cherry on top.

A general view of a football on the turf during a game between the New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals on December 24, 2022, at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Photo by Erica Denhoff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL season is in full swing, which means Week 5 will kick-off our second-chance Survivor pool, sponsored by DraftKings Sportsbook!

Just like a regular survivor pool, contestants will choose one team they believe will win that week. If you pick correctly, you will advance forward. If your team losses or finishes in a tie, you are eliminated.

Additionally, you must also select a team you haven’t chosen in the past - which is where strategy comes to play. Keep things such as injuries, home-field, weather, etc. in mind when picking your weekly winners. Note: For this second-chance contest, you can pick teams you picked in the first game before you were eliminated.

Our second-chance Survivor pool is open to anybody who was eliminated from the first contest or those who never signed up. However, if you are still alive in the first contest, you are NOT eligible for this second-chance contest. The prize for the second-chance winner is $100. If there is a tie, that prize will be split between everybody.

Those who were eliminated are able to log in with the same registration as before, where you’ll be prompted to create a new entry name.

For those who did not play the first time, create a log-in that is separate from your site log-in or from a DraftKings log-in if you have one.

To register for an account to play the game, go down to the game below and click on “Register for an account.” It asks for your first name, email, and a password you create. Your email will NOT be sold or given away. It is strictly so you can get a weekly reminder to make your pick and so you can get a password reset sent to you if you forget your password.

After you register, it’ll ask for an entry name. That is not the team you’re picking that week, but rather, what name will show up in the leaderboard for your entry.

Best of luck to all in your journey to becoming the lone survivor.