Off-season plan A

Ok, this is my first fan post. So, we will see how this goes. This is what I would do if I was the GM of the pats.

First up the Trades. All the trades were made by using the pff draft/trade sim except the BB I made that one up

BB to the Chargers for a 2024 2nd and 2024 3rd. Makes sense for both sides. The Patriots move on and get Picks, while the chargers get a Coach that can coach up their talented, but poorly schemed defense. And we Hire Mayo as the next coach.

Mac Jones to the 49ers for a 2024 4th rounder. The 49ers had interest in Mac all the way back in 2021. Mac can be a serviceable back up for them, while also providing a insurance policy if Purdy turns into a pumpkin.

Finally, a surprising one...Rhamondre Stevenson and our 7th rounder the Bengals for their 3rd rounder. With Mixon z a likely cap cut. The Bengals will be looking for a RB and Rbs are some a dozen. Their always available.

Trade 2025 6th rounder to the Vikings for Andrew Booth. Booth has not been able to get on the field for the Vikings. He only played 25% of snaps for them. Has only a 63.9 grade. With both JC and Jack gone might as well add a young corner that has busted out with former team

Lastly, JuJu and a 2025 7th to the chiefs for 2025 6th. Seems simple. Get rid of his contract. No team wanted Parker and since we extended him I could not cut him.

I tried to see if their was a good deal for Judon, but best offer was a third and felt like that lacking. So, I decided to keep him.

Ok so here is the current picks we have now.

3rd Overall.

35th overall

46th Overall

67th overall

78th Overall

80th Overall

103 Overall

128 Overall.

140 overall.

181 overall

Now that's the picks we have. Now we will move on to cap cuts.

Cap Cuts.

Calvin Anderson saves 1 million.

JC Jackson saves 5 million

Adrian Phillips saves 1 million.

Lawrence Guy saves 3 million

Now we have a projected 87 million in effective cap space per over the cap. Now I'm not a capologist or Math Wiz so, it's more then likely I screw something up regarding our cap space

Now let's look at our free agents this year. Ranking the in terms of importance.

Mike Onwenu.

Kyle Dugger.

Hunter Henry

Kendrick Bourne

Trent Brown

Jabrill Peppers

Mike Gisicki

Josh Uche.

Matthew Slater (probably retires).

Anfernee Jennings

Ezekiel Elliot

Jalen Mills.

Pharaoh Brown

Will Grier.

The rest our scrubs/practice squaders.

Resign Onwenu to 3 year 18 Million dollar deal.

Resign Peppers to a 2 year 8 million dollar deal.

Resign Henry to 1 year worth up to 9 million dollar deal.

Grier and Brown get resigned to cheap 1 year deals.

Now the fun part. Free agents.

Now we have roughly 45 million dollars left in cap space.

Sign Julian Blackmon to 4 year 13 million dollar deal.

Sign Greg Gains 1 year 1 million dollar deal.

K'Lavon Chassion 1 year 3 million dollar deal.

Tyus Bowser (projected cap cut for the ravens) 2 year year 4 million dollar deal.

Isaiah Simmons 1 year 2 million dollar deal.

Tee Higgins 4 years 21 million dollar deal.

Yosh Nijman. 2 years 4 million.

Cam Fleming 1 year 2 million.

Resign Damien Harris 1 year 2 million

Antonio Gibson 2 years 5 million.

Now with a couple of restructures that should create enough room to sign these guys.

Blackmon takes over the mccourty role. Gains provide d line depth. Chassion and Bowser replace Uche and Jennings. Simmons is ches piece and and can be used anywhere. Nijman and Fleming provide stopgap options. Harris and Gibson replace Stevenson and Elliot.

Finally, the draft.

3rd Overall.

Drake Maye QB North Carolina. In this sim. Harrison goes to the bears and Williams goes to the Giants. And by virtue get the consolation prize, Maye.

Now for some reason in this draft sim. The Falcons offered 42, 73 for 35. Now I took that offer even if it unrealistic.

42. Kingsley Suamatia OT BYU.

46. Chris Braswell. EDGE Alabama

Trade Patriots send 67 and 128 and a 2025 6th for the Texans 52 overall.

52. Malachi Corley WR Western Kentucky.

73. Jermaine Burton WR Alabama.

78. Brandon Dorlus Edge/Dlineman Oregon.

80. Cade Stover TE Ohio State.

103. Malachi Moore DB. Alabama.

140. Ray Davis RB Kentucky.

181. Thor Smith DT Harvard.

I think I did a good job even though it is unrealistic. Maye would have good support with Higgins, Douglas, Corley and Henry.

Addressed the edge need. Lmk what you think.

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