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First trailer for 10-part docuseries ‘The Dynasty: New England Patriots’ is out

The show will premiere February 16.

The first trailer for The Dynasty, a 10-part docuseries focusing on the New England Patriots’ run from the early 2000s to the late 2010s, is out. And judging by the 30-second clip that was posted on Friday morning, it will be must-watch television for fans of the team and the sport as a whole alike.

For starters, the organization’s three-big players all participated: head coach Bill Belichick, quarterback Tom Brady, and owner Robert Kraft were all interviewed for the series. How much they will pull back the curtain remains to be seen, but one soundbite from Kraft in particular teases an up-close look at a late-dynasty power struggle.

“We were coming near the end, and I was just trying to hold it together the best I could,” he is quoted in the trailer, presumably speaking about the final few seasons of the Brady/Belichick dynasty that brought six championships to New England.

Based on author Jeff Benedict’s eponymous New York Times bestselling book, The Dynasty draws on “thousands of hours of never-before-seen video footage and audio files from the Patriots organization’s archive.” The series is scheduled to premiere on Friday, Feb. 16, on Apple TV+.