Predictive BB Mock Draft

This is a predictive BB mock draft mockery. Now that the dust has mainly settled from the combine and free agency, might see a Geisicki but I bet we won't. At this point in time this is almost assuredly (lol) what BB will do. We begin:

Bill Belichick wants no part of high fives from young Lions fans

Using the PFF mock simulator, which is irrelevant because BB doesn't care about other people's boards you moron:

14. Patriots trade back

Trade: NE sends 14 to NO for 29 + 71 + 2024 2nd

BB can't get a 1st rounder out of the Saints. But doesn't care about value charts. Takes a probable minor loss on the point RH scale, classic Patriot Way baby. Let's go Pats.

The board: Here at 29 we have Zay Flowers on the board. One would think a likely target as one of the top 4 WRs in this class, perhaps a Branch esque, AB esque player who can fit into the offense that has lacked receiving talent for years on end. Dawand Jones, a very large OT and perhaps a bit of a reach. Anton Harrison, not physical enough. Felix AU, too small. Forbes, slender man we don't need another. Will McDonald had a fantastic Senior Bowl and BB is very tempted to take him, but he's too small at 236 lbs for the Patriot scheme. The pick is obvious here, In Bill We Trust.

29. Jack Campbell, LB, Iowa

Mike LB, big body, athletic, we're only a MLB away from competing. Rebuilding this defense so we can replicate 2001-2004 is exactly what we need. Belichick makes a great pick here.

Trade up: NE sends 46 + 135 to TEN for 41

41. Eli Ricks, CB, Alabama

BB has a great track record of trading up for CBs in the 2nd round. He identifies talent and strikes. This one is obvious (actually might be good and make sense lmao), Bama product, press-man, reach. That is the formula. Have to reach on these guys or else someone might take them 30 picks later.

Trade!!!: NE sends 71 to ARI for a 2024 3rd and 2024 7th

Anytime you can trade out for future picks and lose value it's a no brainer to BB. What a trade. Picking up that 7th will be crucial.

76. Joe Tippman, C/G, Wisconsin

Brick by brick. Patriot Way. Adding a great future center is what is really needed. This is such a great pick filling a future need, playing chess while other GMs are playing checkers. He can play guard too! Great IOL depth. Have to spend resources here, as noted by last year's genius 1st round selection of Cole Strange.

Joe Tippmann NFL Draft Scouting Report - Draft Network

107. Luke Schoonmaker, TE, Michigan

After jettisoning off Jonnu Smith (not a bad signing btw just unfortunate and a great 7th round return had to make that trade) we are going back to the well here. Michigan guy? Check. Big? Check.

117. Cameron Latu, TE, Alabama

Brilliant. Going two TEs in the draft like this is a great idea, it's bound to work. Failsafe, if one guy doesn't develop then surely the other will. BB passes on Zach K---- in favor of a more proven Bama product.

135. Adam Korsak, P, Rutgers

After Jake Bailey quit on the team, trust me it wasn't a bad contract at all he quit, a new punter is needed. Rutgers is a great program. I trust that program - BB

Trade!!!: NE sends 183 + 186 to LV Josh McDaniel's last stand for 142 overall

142. Christopher Dunn, K, North Carolina State

Jake Moody and other kickers are too mainstream. Just like when we went Rohrwasser, this is the correct pick. I haven't seen this kid play but he kicked for me on a practice field once and I liked how he talked. Hard worker. Should fall in line - BB

Trade: NE sends 191 to BUF for 2024 7th + 2025 7th

Anytime you can trade out of the early-mid 6th to get two future 7ths from a divisional rival you have to do it.

209. Stetson Bennett, QB, Georgia

Winner. Can teach Mac a thing or two.

257. Dallas Daniels, WR, Jackson St.

Have to address WR and BB does it again, 4D chess. Tre Nixon jr, this is a magnificent pick. Chef's kiss. If anyone tells you Bill didn't go after a WR post-draft tell them to go root for the Chiefs kid.

Deion Sanders for 60 Minutes: Talking Jackson State recruiting - Sports  Illustrated

In Bill We Trust.

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