It Could Happen...

It's the offseason and negativity is running rampant, so let's let's make things more positive by directing the negativity to our division rivals. Lol.

Once news broke about Aaron Rodgers going to the Jets (which still isn't official), Some people on the Pulpit started crying the Pats were destined to finish 4th in their own division and should blow up the whole team! Now, this may prove to be true, but games aren't played on paper. The other three teams in our division have issues of their own, and could have disappointing seasons themselves. I'll outline one way each team could disappoint (all involving QB's).

Granted, all three of these scenarios will probably not happen, but one or more could. Which one do you think is most likely?

Miami: Tua is one concussion away from the end of his playing days. Are you afraid of the Dolphins if Mike Wright is their QB?

Jets: Assuming Rodgers is the QB, how does he handle the New York media? I doubt if he's used to the abuse he's going to get if he has a bad game. We all know he's a bit of a flake. Would negativity get in his head and make him underperform or want to retire?

Bills: Josh Allen suffered a partial tear of his UCL back in November and played through it. The UCL can heal on its own if it's not a bad injury, but he also strained his UCL back in his rookie season and missed 4 games because of it. I've seen baseball pitchers try to go with the non-surgical route to heal their UCL's and end up needing Tommy John surgery anyway. If Josh's UCL doesn't heal on its own, are you afraid of the Bills QB'ed by Kyle Allen?

So, what do you folks think? If only one of these happens, which would it be? Or if you have any scenarios you think could happen, let's hear them.

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