Mock Draft + Potential Offseason Plan

Mock Draft

Mock draft done using PFF simulator.

R1.14 - Jordan Addison, WR, USC

This is my top wide receiver prospect. He doesn't have the physical tools or speed of Quentin Johnson, but he has a full route tree and consistently creates separation. Here you get your future WR1 in the mold of guys like Devonta Smith, and combined with Devante Parker (and/or another X guy we hopefully add since Parker plays half the season only), Kendrick Bourne, Tyquan Thornton, the WR group is good enough to evaluate Mac Jones and give BOB weapons to utilize. Meyers leaves.

*** TRADE DOWN: Patriots recieve 2.52 + 3.84, Dolphins recieve 2.46 + 4.117.

R2.52 - Dawand Jones, OT, OSU

Get your starting right tackle of the future, extend Trent Brown to lower his cap hit and hope he can stay healthy again and get his motivation back under Klemm. Conor McDermot is your swing tackle. Strange, Andrews, Onwenu across the interior, with Ferentz and some scrubs providing backup.

R3.76 - Garrett Williams, CB, Syracuse

Press coverage stud apparently, not that fast, likely to start season on PUP after an ACL tear last fall. You could take a different cornerback here, I'm not a top tier scout. There were a lot of other guys on the board here as well.

R3.84 - Eli Ricks, CB, Alabama

Again I'm not a scout, you could take some other corner you like here but whatever he seems good.

Now you have your cornerback room stocked with cheap talent. Let Jon Jones walk, and you come away with a combination of Williams, Ricks, Jack Jones manning the boundary. Marcus Jones/Myles (garbage) Bryant in the slot, hopefully M. Jones takes that position over though. Retain Peppers, Phillips, Dugger, and get D-Mac back and your secondary is solid.

**EDIT - I forgot to include Jalen Mills, add him to the CB room.

*** TRADE UP: Patriots recieve 3.95, Chiefs recieve 4.107 + 6.184 +6 .210 + 2024 R5 Pick.

R3.95 - Sam LaPorta, TE, Iowa

Maybe not the most pressing need on this roster, but I pray that Jonnu is not on this team come 2024 and that Henry is either restructured for 2 more years to spread his money out, allowing LaPorta to emerge either this year or next year. This is a deep TE class, so might as well use a third rounder here.

*** TRADE UP: Patriots recieve 4.123, Chiefs recieve 4.135 + 6.192.

R4.123 - Karl Brooks, ED, Bowling Green

I don't know who the heck this guy is but PFF told me he's a highly ranked prospect. No clue what he's doing down here but I'll trade up and take him. BB always takes some rando and/or edge guy anyway. Senior bowl dude as well. Judon won't be here long so might get some guys in here, and hopefully Perkins can be a real person next year. On the topic of edge defenders, I'll give a shoutout to Deatrich Wise for being a leader and solid player after a meh start to his career. Maybe Uche can put a consistent season together as well.

R6.187 - Trey Dean III, S, Florida

He's mocked frequently to the Pats, hopefully in this scenario D-Mac comes back so there isn't a bigger need at safety and this is all we have to do this year.

R7.258 - Jake Moody, K, Michigan

Doubt he's here in real life, but oh well. Folk has a weaker leg than 8 year old soccer players, and we need an upgrade. If he isn't here you can take a punter, center, running back, whatever floats your boat.

PFF gave my overall draft an A-. It seems pretty good to me. Let me know your thoughts.

Rough off-season plan

As I said earlier, let Meyers and Jon Jones walk. Resign some guys like Peppers, Ekuale, etc. Hopefully get D-Mac back, if not you might have to use a higher draft pick on a safety. Cut some guys who are old/replaceable. Bailey is an obvious cut candidate. Is Shaun Wade real?

Let's say we have $20 million in cap space after resigning some guys, getting some scrubs/UDFAs, signing the draft class. Hopefully using $10-13 million on that is an accurate prediction, I'm not totally sure.

From there you can sign a capable linebacker like Kyzir White from the Eagles (From PFF - solid weakside linebacker who has the speed to stay with pass-catchers in coverage for the most part). You could also make a splash and grab Tremaine Edmunds. If not a LB, maybe Bill goes out and makes a splash on the safety position by grabbing Jessie Bates to hold down the fort if D-Mac retires.

Also, a veteran QB to mentor Mac would be nice. Fill the acclaimed Brian Hoyer role. Possibly grab some rando RB who can catch like Jerrick McKinnon unless you are confident in Pierre Strong/Rhamondre as your top 2 RB and only viable pass catchers out of the backfield.

And finally, if you don't want to resign or just go into next season with Trent Brown manning the LT spot (I think that's serviceable, and if Mac requires an absolute spotless OL in order to play like a top 10-12 QB which is what I consider enough to keep him long term, then he isn't the guy), then you use the money to sign a guy like Jawaan Taylor from Jacksonville.

In conclusion, that is my Mock Draft + Rough offseason plan. Let me know what you think!

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