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Kentucky quarterback Will Levis visiting the Patriots is nothing unusual. Just ask Matt Groh.

The projected first-round passer was in Foxborough on Wednesday.

Will Levis Off-Season Draft Prep Photo by Aubrey Lao /Getty Images

The New England Patriots offseason was already not lacking speculative narratives and attention-grabbing storylines, but it has now seen another one added to the mix. Kentucky quarterback and likely first-round draft pick Will Levis was in Foxboro Wednesday for a Top-30 visit with the team.

Might the team be looking to add a high-profile QB? Are the Mac Jones trade rumors true after all? What is going on?

Answers to these and other questions surrounding Levis’ visit with the Patriots will come in due time. What we do know at the moment, though, is that this is nothing unusual for a team doing its due diligence at all positions.

Patriots director of player personnel Matt Groh said so himself earlier this week.

“We had a pretty good quarterback around here for a long time. I was an area scout, nobody ever said, ‘Don’t worry about evaluating those quarterbacks. Don’t worry about that guy at San Jose State. Don’t worry about that guy at Miami.’” Groh notedd during his pre-draft press conference on Tuesday.

“We evaluate every position. Quarterback is certainly a very important position, if not the most important position. We went through it last year. We had obviously drafted a guy the year before, drafted a guy last year. That’s just part of the competitive atmosphere that we have around here. Guys are going to thrive and come in here and compete if that’s in their nature.”

The Patriots showing interest in a player like Levis makes perfect sense from that perspective. Maybe he is seen as a potential upgrade over current starting quarterback Mac Jones, maybe the team has other motivations to bring him in for a visit. We can only speculate what the team is trying to accomplish.

Fact is, however, that Top-30 visits give clubs an intimate look at prospects that might just come in handy at one point further down the line — either because the Patriots indeed consider bringing Levis aboard, or because he will be on their schedule. Again, we will see.

New England might also have another goal in mind, of course. They might use the visit simply as a smokescreen, or to get an extra medical checkup on the foot injury Levis suffered back in October. They might also use it as an opportunity to gather information on other Kentucky players available in this year’s draft such as running back Chris Rodriguez Jr. or cornerbacks Keidron Smith and Carrington Valentine.

Regardless of the why, the Patriots taking a close look at one of the top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft is nothing out of the ordinary. If anything, it’s another piece of the puzzle.