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NFL Draft 2023: Patriots trade 135th overall pick to Raiders for two selections

New England has traded down in the fourth round.

New England Patriots Training Camp Photo by Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

The New England Patriots have made another trade in the 2023 NFL Draft. After previously moving up the board, they have now moved back.

The team sent the 135th overall pick in the fourth round to the Las Vegas Raiders in return for two selections: the Patriots received No. 144 in the fifth round as well as No. 214 in the sixth.

With that extra pick now in the fold, the team now has six selections left over the final three rounds of the draft. They own the aforementioned 144th pick as well as four sixth-rounders — 187, 192, 210, 214 — as well as one seventh-rounder at No. 245 overall. Of course, the team has not been afraid of using its capital to move around the board.

The first trade the Patriots made on Thursday saw them climb from No. 120 (a pick they themselves received via a first-round trade-down with Pittsburgh) to No. 112. That pick was then invested in Maryland kicker Chad Ryland.