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Meet the Pats Pulpit staff

Wonder who the people behind Pats Pulpit are? Well, wonder no more.

The NFL Draft is in the books, and while there is no shortage of stories about the New England Patriots and the league as a whole the slow days are upon us.

This gives us time for some fun offseason ventures – including taking a closer look at the staff running Pats Pulpit. You have seen them around these parts of the internet, either through their bylines, in the comment section, or both.

But what exactly do they all do here? Well…

Bernd Buchmasser (Managing Editor): Born on the other side of the Atlantic, Bernd started out as a lurker, then became a commenter, and finally a writer. He has run Pats Pulpit as its managing editor since 2018. Talk about the American Dream right there. | @BerndBuchmasser

Oliver Thomas (Managing Editor): Oliver is a veteran when it comes to covering the Patriots. He has written about the team since 2012, and his work has been featured virtually everywhere. A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, he has been with Pats Pulpit since 2016. | @OliverBThomas

Brian Hines (Beat Reporter): Brian originally joined in 2018 as an intern from Endicott College. Now, he is now entering his second season as Pats Pulpit’s man inside Gillette Stadium. He is well-versed in all things New England Patriots – from film breakdown, to draft study, to the salary cap, and more. | @iamBrianHines

Alec Shane (Senior Writer): Alec has been with Pats Pulpit since 2011, where he has been sharing his neurotic, off-base, flagrant Patriots homerism with anyone willing to read it. Most of the time he doesn’t make any sense, but when he does, fans tend to find common ground with him. The good news is that he’s never afraid to speak his mind; but at the same time, that’s also the bad news. | @alecdshane

Marima (Senior Writer/Moderator): Marima is a Pats Pulpit — nay, a New England! — institution for her ability to create the most comprehensive compilation of Patriots links on the internet. She joined the site in 2008 and as a voice of reason, is also making sure things remain civil in the comment section. | @marima07

Taylor Kyles (Staff Writer): Taylor joined Pats Pulpit in 2015 and has been the resident film guy ever since. If it’s on film, it is more likely than not that Taylor knows about it. | @tkyles39

Pat Lane (Staff Writer): Pat first joined Pats Pulpit in 2018. He is a podcaster, draft geek, and not afraid to voice his opinions about all things Patriots. You will also catch him at every home game, and sometimes on the road as well. | @plane_pats

Matthew Rewinski (Staff Writer): Matthew first joined Pats Pulpit in 2016, and is running our outpost in Tennessee. His columns mix together Patriots analysis with pop culture references, and always get a sprinkle of humor over the top. You know a “Goose” when you read one. | @gooseonbass

Matt St. Jean (Staff Writer): Matt joined Pats Pulpit in 2022, and started out as a podcaster. He is still doing that – albeit no longer at SB Nation – but you can still find him around here every so often. | @mattstdream

SlotMachinePlayer (Moderator): SMP has been a Patriots fan since the days of Tony Eason, and with the Pulpit since 2009. You will find him mostly in the comment section; he’s the one keeping the walls clean and taking out the trash.

So, there you have it: the crew as it stands at the moment. Obviously, though, Pats Pulpit is more than the people listed here: it is every one of you as well.