A couple of thoughts on Yodny Cajuste, 2019 draft class and Justus Tavia.

So, since I am still banned for whatever reason...I filled out the form yesterday appealing my ban, hopefully I get a response this weekend. Since, I am banned from commenting on those are my thoughts.

Yodny Cajuste.

I was hoping that he would get one last chance to show something and maybe be trade bait in camp, but he ended up being released. This year he played 197 snaps and he allowed 3 sacks and had 1 penalty. He also blew 8 blocks last year and had 6.96% blown block rate. So, he was pretty trash last year.

2019 draft class.

This draft class has turned out to one of BB's worst drafts ever.

N'keal harry was an all time bust. As of right now he is a free agent. His highest pff grade ever was 69.1.

Joejuan Williams was another player that turned out to be bust. And on top of that we traded up to get him.

Cajuste as I just touched on was pretty bad.

Harris turned out to be a solid player, but he was a RB and he ended up leaving this year.

Winovich is a depth edge on the texans now.

Froholdt is on the Cardinals as a back up. He actually turned out to be a solid backup in this league...Unfortunately, not for us.

Bailey was an all pro for 1 season then he was pretty trash after that.

Stidham has turned out to be a solid backup in this league. Surprisingly, Stidham vs Purdy turned out to be one of the best games of the 2022 season.

Cowart is on the texans now as a depth player

And finally Webster is out of the league.

Justus Tavai made sense as a signing. If you look at the depth you don't really have a lot of guys that will be playing those 4th quarter preseason snap. So, it made sense to sign him and see if he can turn into anything.

Prediction for him: Ends up on the practice squad and is elevated for 1 game.

So, there is some of my ramblings...hopefully, my ban will be lifted by Monday...


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