A couple of more thoughts...

Here are some of my thoughts into the recent news with the Pats.

Jake Andrews signed his rookie contract yesterday. I still think he was a bad pick. He was reach at backup center. He was picked when there were better players available like Bryce Ford Wheaton, Dawand Jones and Carter Warren.

Now I am not that concerned about the Patriots being docked two OTA practices. OTAs in the grand scheme of things are not that important and other teams have been docked for some reason too. Why??? I have no idea?????

Now another thought I had is that edge might be a huge need for us next season. Uche is going to be a free agent and Judon will be on the wrong side of 30 and he does have a cuttable contract next season. So, I would not be surprised if BB cut him next season especially if he has a down season. White is more of a deatrich wise type player in my opinion and Jennings and Perkins have shown nothing. So, edge is going to be a sneaky need next season.

I have still not gotten a response yet...I am starting to think that I might be banned forever.


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