Free $$$ From Vegas: Pats Over 7.5

Right now on FanDuel you can bet the Pats over 7.5 at -122.

I just don’t see a world where BB could allow this team to finish 7-10 (or worse). He’s just too good of a week-to-week coach for that to happen. If it somehow did, the fallout across the organization would be massive. I’m not totally certain BB could survive it.

So how is this not an absolute lock? What possible scenarios could cause us to top out at 7 wins?

And please don’t point to the schedule. We all know the NFL is an any-given-Sunday league. You can’t just scan down a list of opponents in May and go W-L-W etc. We’ll see "upsets" every week that swing on coaching, weather, injuries, officiating, turnovers, the kicking game, and the bounce of the ball.

For now I’d bet heavily on coach BB. I’m interested to read your views pro and con in the comments section below.

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