The Patriots can't hope to win anything with an offense that is afraid to go for it.

It's the modern NFL. The game is as offensive as it has ever been. Team's that can't or won't take risks on offense can't win. How does it relate to us? Because the last several years, the Patriots have had one of the most suicidally passive offenses I have ever seen.

The way I see it there were three primary problems:

1. The Patriots had no offensive coordinator.

2. They Patriots couldn't block anybody.

3. The Patriots were dealing with a young QB in Mac Jones and seemingly didn't want to expose him.

The Patriots should hopefully have taken care of #1 with Bill O'Brien. Matt Patricia was never an offensive coach. Having him coach the offense was set up to fail from the start At least Bill O'Brien has been there and done that.

My biggest concern is still the O-line. So I'll elaborate on that in greater detail further down.

As for Mac Jones, it's time to put up or shut up. The Patriots have done a pretty good job of at least adding weapons. Gone should be the days of not letting him go deep. Modern offenses have to at least have that threat or the field shrinks and it's harder to get the space you need. Same for overprotecting Mac Jones in a wind storm because he doesn't have a cannon arm like Josh Allen. I know that game is from awhile ago now, but still. It's New England. We are going to have some games with weather. If we can't trust our QB in those kinds of situations, we'll ultimately need a different QB.

I do think the Patriots have done a great job addressing almost everywhere else. The biggest potential issue, though, is still the O-line. If we can't block anybody, we can't run a proper offense. And if we can't run a proper, modern offense, we can't win in the modern NFL.

Over the past several years, I've too often seen the offense turn into over-conservative silly putty because they can't seem to block anybody or do anything. I've seen way too many games sine Brady left where the offense seem afraid to go for it or at least lacks the time to do so.

I believe Ezekial Elliot is a great addition. I love the idea of a powerful running back that can get his in tough yardage situations. It won't matter if the line can't block anybody.

So how do we feel about the O-line?

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