Predicting Who Will Fill the Coaching Vacancies

Carolina Panthers: Ben Johnson (Whoever takes the Panthers job has my respect. They do not have a whole lot of talent on that team, and they do not have a first round pick. But I believe that the Panthers will give Ben Johnson whatever he wants, so that he can try and salvage Bryce Young, and whatever else the team has. They were high on him last year as well.) My 2nd guess for this job would be Jerod Mayo.

Las Vegas Raiders: Antonio Pierce (Two years ago, Mark Davis made the mistake of not making his intern Head Coach, Rich Bisaccia, the full time Head Coach. I cannot imagine that Davis will make the same mistake twice. The players love Pierce, and he got so much out of that team.) My 2nd guess for this job would be Jim Harbaugh.

Washington Commanders: Mike MacDonald (I'm so torn between the Commanders hiring MacDonald or Anthony Weaver. But I believe that they go with Baltimore's defensive coordinator. The Commanders have a fresh new face as the owner, so why not hire a fresh new face as the HC? Plus that Ravens defense has been stellar this year. Perfect fit!) My 2nd guess for this job is Anthony Weaver, obviously LOL.

Los Angeles Chargers: Jim Harbaugh (It was recently reported that Jim Harbaugh was interested in coaching the Los Angeles Chargers last season, but there was no opening. This year is a whole different ball game. The Chargers have a lot of work to do, but they boast a talented young QB, and the 5th overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft.) My 2nd guess for this job would be Frank Smith.

Tennessee Titans: Bobby Slowik (After surprisingly parting ways with Mike Vrabel, the Titans decide to hire a more offensive minded coach, and go with the OC who turned C.J. Stroud into a superstar his rookie year. The Titans want to make sure that Will Levis can develop into a franchise QB, and he did show flashes last year, and I believe that Bobby will be the man they hire for the job.) My 2nd guess for this job would be Dave Canales.

Atlanta Falcons: Bill Belichick (This is the end IMO. The Falcons feel like the perfect landing spot for Belichick, and they have a team that is only a QB and WR away from being contenders. Their defense has a lot of promise, and you know Bill will get the most out of that team. He would probably bring Josh McDaniels or Bill O'Brien with him as well. It would be ironic if he went to Atlanta also. I also find it odd that the Falcons haven't requested any interviews with coaching candidates at the moment.) My 2nd guess for this job would be Todd Monken.

Philadelphia Eagles (If they move on from Nick Sirianni): Dan Quinn: (I might be pushing it with this, but I have a gut feeling that the Eagles are going to part ways with Sirianni. He looks like he has lost control of that team, and they look so discombobulated right there. That was a dramatic collapse at the end of the season. Dan Quinn might be the perfect guy to come there, and fix the whole team. Plus it would be hilarious if the Eagles poached Dallas's DC.) My 2nd guess for this job would be Bill Belichick.

New England Patriots: Mike Vrabel (With it looking like this is the end for the Belichick era, the Patriots bring in a familiar face as Head Coach. Vrabel really seemed to hint that he wanted to come back to New England during a speech he made, and I'd personally love it. Vrabel could end up keeping Bill O'Brien as his OC, but I believe that he will instead hire back his old friend Arthur Smith. I know people would hate this idea, but Smith was a good OC under Vrabel. If Vrabel does come here, he will probably sign Ryan Tannehill as well. But at this point, I will take anyone but Bailey Zappe and Mac Jones at QB.) My 2nd guess for this job would be Dan Quinn.

Agree or disagree? Comment down below who you think will fill the coaching vacancies.

Update on January 10: With Pete Carroll stepping down as the Head Coach for the Seattle Seahawks, this throws a big wrench in my predictions! I really believe that Dan Quinn will be the Head Coach for the Seattle Seahawks So where does that leave Philadelphia? I have no idea! I was not expecting that to happen at all! I guess my next prediction for Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles (If they fire/part ways with Nick) will be either Brian Callahan (The Bengals OC), or Ben Johnson.

This should be interesting!

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