Live Mock Draft

What's going on New England?

Pittsblitz56 from over at Behind The Steel Curtain, in search of a Patriot draft head to act as GM in our annual Live Mock Draft. The draft has taken place now for well over a decade and is mostly comprised of members from the respective NFL sites here at SB Nation. The draft was also once held on these same pages but the new operating system didn't allow for the volume needed to continue at the time. So we created a private site and remain there still today. We have about 24 members that remain each year only needing to add a few here and there each. We currently have 26 GMs in place and are looking to fill those voids, hopefully in the nest few weeks.

The draft is set for April 12th - 14th

Round 1 is set for Friday night at 8pm(Eastern) 5 minute per pick

Rounds 2- 4 is set for Saturday 1pm(Eastern) 3 minutes per pick

Rounds 5- 7 is set for Sunday 1pm(Eastern) 2 minutes per pick

We allow trades - player(s) for pick(s) and pick(s) for pick(s)

If you have any interest in joining our group or know of someone that may have interest, leave a comment or send them in this direction. I would appreciate anyone with ties to the editor that could possibly get this bumped to the front for a day or so. I will answer any and all draft related questions and I will thank you for your time!

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