Drafting MHJ is the exact opposite way to rebuild this offense; allow me to explain

How do you draft a wr, even a 'generational' wr, if you don't have anyone to throw him the ball or anyone to block for that passer?? This offense currently has TWO starters, strange and andrews!! That's it (pop is a slot, but include him if you like)!! This team has so many holes that we need to accumulate as much DRAFT capital as we possibly can, in order to build the team from the INSIDE OUT. Taking Harrison is a waste of his talent, a waste of our potential assets, and not at all where the kid wants to end up anyway. Anyone that advocates for a receiver in the first round is not an objective, practical observer and is too concerned with fantasy numbers as opposed to real NFL team building..allow me to present a plan for the draft/ free agency, for people that are realistic and pragmatic about how to go about it:

Let's face it, this is gonna take a couple of years, but that doesn't mean we can't field a competitive team this season with the potential to over achieve right away if we do it right..this is just one man's ideas, but I think it's the best path to set up competitive sustainability:

Step 1: free agency

1. Sign Jacoby Brissett for 2yrs/18-20 mil - he's now a proven journeyman that Van Pelt knows how to use, and can keep the seat warm for our draft pick

2. Sign Jonah Williams for LT for 4yrs/60-70 mil LIKE YESTERDAY - he was a premium LT before they did him dirty for Orlando Brown..he's 26 and a complete, proven entity which will allow us to develop the (2) tackles we should pick up in the draft

3. Resign Onwenu for whatever he wants, but at RG not tackle

4. Resign Henry, I'd say 2yrs/16 mil oughta do it

5. Resign Bourne, I don't care if he's not 100% by September he needs to be here for this transition huge culture guy and a versatile talent

6. CUT parker and juju those guys are useless shells, post june 1st designations would allow us to only eat like 8 mil tops, and it's addition by subtraction.. Which leads to

7. There are no free agent wr's worth the money, I'd take a flyer on Tyler Boyd or Curtis Samuel but I'd rather address this in the draft, there are a ton of wr's which makes taking one in the 1st round even more shortsighted

8. I would like to sign Dalton Shultz and Harrison Bryant for TE's, Van Pelt goes heavy on 12 personnel which I like and I'm not crazy about this tight end class but this is not high priority..I'll also put FB in this category as Van Pelt utilizes one, which I also like, so Jakob Johnson would be a no-brainer or the browns used this kid Nick Harris who's an undersized center that was an effective FB..again not high priority

NOW FOR THE DRAFT IDEAS (that many of you will hate, but maybe you'll learn something):

First things first! I know everyone's looking for the next franchise QB, but it's just not gonna happen in the 1st three picks..I'm sorry. Caleb Williams would be a guy, but he's not available to us, and neither Maye or Daniels have the talent worthy of the #3 pick. I'm sorry about that. However, there is no Tackle that's worthy of the #3 pick, and I've already made my opinion known regarding a wr in this spot.

All of my research and tea-leaf reading has me convinced that Eliot Wolf (who will get the official title of GM right after the draft, with Matt Groh as director of scouting and/or player personnel) will bail out of this spot for a ransom.. I have 3 ideas based on what I hear from these other teams, but I'll start with one that hasn't really been explored yet- the Falcons at #8 will absolutely want to move into the #3 spot specifically, because Jayden Daniels will be thier target, and with Zac Robinson as thier OC, they will try to bring some McVay elements but with an RPO emphasis, so the trade might look like this:

1. Pats trade #3 to atl for #8, #40, and thier 2025 1st rounder (they could opt for atl 3rd rounder this year according to the trade value, but it's much better business to juice them for next year)

2. With the #8 pick, you take Joe Alt if he's there (he might not be) and if not I really like Tyler Guyton from Oklahoma, but there's 8 tackles projected to go in rd 1 so I'd honestly trust thier judgement, but it HAS to be a tackle, with the same idea to let him sit and learn under Jonah Williams as the 6th lineman/tackle eligible formula that has worked so well in the past when developing young tackles..the same rule applies to the Vikings at 11 and the Raiders at 13, but those teams would have to give a LOT more so I'm just going with the most practical scenario; plus I'd rather pick at 8, there's way more of a chance at Alt being there

3. And this is where it gets tricky when trying to gauge what teams will do at the bottom of the 1st round, so I will err on the side of caution to make sure we get the guy we need, so we bite the bullet and package both of our second rounders to move back up into the 1st, into the 20-24 range to select our QB of the future, JJ McCARTHY!!..roll your eyes all you want, and I've heard all of the arguments about his experience and usage rate, which is exactly why we sit him down for two years to learn to master this AVP offense.. he just turned 21, he's very smart, and if you watch him throw his arm makes Mac look like a he can make his reads, makes incredible off schedule throws, and can throw accurately at a full sprint rollout. The knocks on him are he's young and wasn't asked to do that much because his team was stacked, but that's all the more reason to believe in his development.. Not to mention that he was coached up by the best guy doing it ( even though Harbaugh's a douche) and we've had at least a smidgen of success with Michigan quarterbacks hehe..

I just realized how long this is, so I'll have to come back to assess the wr's and remaining tackles who I think we should pick..along with a couple of defensive guys we should look at (boundary corner, FS, Edge). The only thing I'll add for now is that we need to draft Dylan Laube rb out of UNH no later than the 4th round..absolutely perfect 3rd down back for this offense

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