How do we feel about... (the case for or against) Drake Maye?

Hi Pulpiteers!

I'm looking to gain some knowledge on the possible top prospects that could be possible options for us at #3.

Thus is the second part of a series where I hope you guys that watch more college football regularly than I do contribute to it with your knowledge.

Disclaimer: This is not one of those endless debates on if we should select QB, WR or OT. I's a fair debate but in this space I'm only interested in what you would see if the actual player was selected.

So here we go:

At this point in time it seems that the question is about mainly four players:

Jayden Daniels (who most seem to think would be the pick at three)
Drake Maye (if Washington loves Daniels over Maye)
Marvin Harrison (if we don't like the quarterback at #3 enough and we see MHJ as the BPA)
Joe Alt (if we feel we need to sure up the line first)

So I'll continue by zooming in on Drake Maye.

Three simple questions to you:

What's the upside of picking Drake Maye?
Whats' the downside of picking Drake Maye?
How would you rate the pick from what you know right now (A-F)?

Here's Mayes highlights:

Also his lowlights:

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