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A head coach trade and a 6th-round pick turned out to be game changers for the Patriots

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The most important decisions in Patriots history: Trading for Bill Belichick

Trading a first-round draft pick for a coach turned out to be one heck of a decision on Robert Kraft’s part.

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20 years ago, a dynasty was born

Nobody knew it at the time, but Super Bowl XXXVI kicked off the greatest run in NFL history. Well, almost nobody.

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New England Patriots History

Historical looks at the best team in football!

20 years later, Tuck Rule remains one of the biggest and most polarizing moments in NFL history

Two words that are synonymous with a franchise-altering moment.

Patriots have some pleasant memories of the 21st overall draft pick

New England owns pick No. 21 in this year’s draft. The organization has had quite a lot of success with it through the years.

Playoff history against the Bills a short but successful one for the Patriots

The two AFC East rivals met only once in the postseason before.

Assembling the Patriots All-Millennium team

A team of the best players of the Bill Belichick era.

The Dolphins have been the Patriots’ biggest rival in the AFC East and it’s not even close

Going back to the 1980s, the rivalry between the Patriots and Dolphins has provided some signature NFL games.

Revisiting Bill Belichick’s 2001 scouting report on Patriots Hall of Famer Richard Seymour

A glance back through Bill Belichick’s April 21, 2001 draft transcript.

What Bill Belichick had to say on April 16, 2000 about drafting Tom Brady 199th overall

Belichick spoke to the media shortly after his team drafted Tom Brady 199th overall.

Bill Belichick to the Patriots: The greatest trade in NFL history turns 20 years old

On January 27, 2000, Bill Belichick was introduced as New England’s new head coach.

Movie Preview: The Great Brady Heist

Fox Sports Films explores the investigation of the theft - and safe return - of Tom Brady’s historic Super Bowl LI game-winning jersey

Patriots have an up-and-down wild card history

New England has played eight wild card games over the years, and won only half of them.

Best of the 2010s: A different kind of end-of-the-decade ranking

Ranking each season of the decade.

Best of the 2010s: Ranking the Patriots’ best games of the decade

Spags and Pat recap the historic decade the Patriots had by ranking the best games 1-18 and their top 10 players of the decade.

Best of the 2010s: The headlines that defined the Patriots’ decade

We take a deep dive into the Pats Pulpit archives to pick the articles that can be used to write the story of the 2010-19 Patriots.

Never forget that Tom Brady was drafted by MLB’s Montreal Expos in 1995

Football history could have looked quite differently had Brady made a different choice 24 years ago.

Patriots Super Bowl history: New England loses a shootout against the Eagles

The offensive spectacle ended with a Patriots defeat.

Patriots Super Bowl history: 28-3

There has never been a Super Bowl quite like the 51st

Patriots Super Bowl history: Malcolm Butler seals New England’s fourth title

The Patriots’ fourth Super Bowl win was a thriller for the ages.

Patriots Super Bowl history: New England loses rematch against the Giants

The rematch of Super Bowl 42 had the same result.

Patriots Super Bowl history: Giants end New England’s quest for a perfect season

The perfect season was denied when the Giants upset the Patriots in Super Bowl 42.

Patriots Super Bowl history: New England establishes a dynasty by beating Eagles

The Patriots beat the Eagles’ in the teams’ first meeting on the biggest stage.

Patriots Super Bowl history: New England wins thrilling title game against Panthers

In February 2004, the Patriots and Panthers played one of the best Super Bowls of all time.

20 years later, Robert Edwards’ injury still a fresh wound

In 1999, the outstanding rookie suffered a career-changing knee injury.

Patriots Super Bowl history: New England wins first championship by upsetting Rams

The Patriots’ first Super Bowl win was an upset for the ages.

Patriots Super Bowl history: New England loses another title game, falls 35-21 to the Packers

Bill Parcells’ last game in New England saw his team lose the Super Bowl.

Patriots Super Bowl history: New England gets crushed by the Bears

Next Sunday, the Patriots will play their eleventh Super Bowl — let’s take a look back at their first.

Patriots’ playoff history with the Chargers goes back all the way to 1964

While their most recent postseason meeting are the more memorable, the Patriots and Chargers share a long history.

Pats’ Past: When Drew Bledsoe attempted 70 passes against the Vikings

In his second year in the NFL, Bledsoe set a record that still stands 24 years later.

Pats’ Past: First ever Patriots-Jets game was a sign of the rivalry to come

In week 2 of the 1960 season, the Boston Patriots won their first ever game — against a now familiar foe.

Pats’ Past: 59-0

Nine years ago, the Patriots and Titans played the most lopsided professional football game of the 21st century.

Pats’ Past: When Dan Connolly had the most spectacular kickoff return in NFL history

While it did not end in a touchdown, Dan Connolly’s 71-yard runback is one of the greatest special teams moments in recent memory.

Pats’ Past: The record that will never be broken

It’s theme week at SB Nation, so we take a look at an all-time best that will likely stand forever.

Pats Past: Remembering Marquise Hill

On Memorial Day 2007, New England's defender lost his life – while saving another.

Pats' Past: Super Bowl LI

There has never been a Super Bowl quite like last year's

Super Bowl 2018: The Eagles will stress the Patriots linebackers all game with the RPO

Kyle Van Noy, Elandon Roberts, and Marquis Flowers will need big games.

Patriots vs Eagles: Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski should have huge games in the Super Bowl

The Eagles secondary has some glaring weaknesses.

Everybody that plays for the Patriots is overworked, underpaid, and has a Super Bowl ring

"Everybody hates the Patriots, right?"


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