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Patriots History

Historical looks at the best team in football!

Chargers head coach says Patriots’ game plan counts on the other team screwing up

He’s not wrong, either.

Danny Amendola will reinforce the importance of the Patriots slot receiver position in the Super Bowl

When in doubt, the slot receiver will produce.

The Eagles have a secret weapon at tight end that could give the Patriots problems

The Eagles have three tight ends that can stress the Patriots defense.

Pats' Past: Super Bowl XLIX

The Patriots’ fourth Super Bowl win was a thriller for the ages.

2018 Super Bowl: Tom Brady shares what he thinks is the core identity of this Patriots team

The Patriots overcame a few significant losses to reach the Super Bowl.

Rodney Harrison spoke with Bill Belichick and asked how many more years he wants to coach

Harrison also shared his thoughts on the Belichick and Tom Brady argument that’s taking place.

Super Bowl 2018: Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski cleared from concussion protocol, should play vs Eagles

This shouldn’t be a surprise.

Bill Belichick is putting Devin McCourty on the same level as the greatest Patriots in history

The Patriots All Pro defensive back is one of the best players in franchise history.

Dwayne Allen is surprised by Josh McDaniels’ plan if Rob Gronkowski can’t play

But he’s certainly not complaining.

Pats' Past: Super Bowl XLVI

The rematch of Super Bowl XLII had the same result.

Malcolm Butler wants to stay with the Patriots

The Patriots cornerback wants to remain in New England.

Tom Brady is “not thinking about retirement,” wonders why everyone wants him to retire so badly

He...he has a fair point.

Former Colts head coach Tony Dungy explains what it takes to defeat the Patriots in the playoffs

It’s simple. Seriously.

Rodney Harrison thinks Malcolm Butler will still get a huge contract in free agency

The Patriots cornerback has a fan in the retired Patriots safety.

Super Bowl 52 Patriots vs Eagles: Do you have any questions for players or coaches during media week?

Submit them now!

Bill Belichick admits Bengals got the best of him in Chad Ochocinco trade...and payback is on the way

Belichick always wins.

PFF shares 52 stats for the Super Bowl, including why Danny Amendola is the Patriots most clutch receiver on third down

Also, tidbits on Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady, and Dion Lewis.

The most exciting week of the year

After a brief absence due to being on vacation, the King is back, and would like to remind you that it is Super Bowl week.

Pats' Past: Super Bowl XLII

The perfect season was denied when the Giants upset the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

Rodney Harrison reminisces about kicking Tom Brady’s butt in practices, calls him a “crybaby”

The retired Patriots safety is still competitive as an analyst.

Pats' Past: Super Bowl XXXIX

13 years ago, the Patriots and Eagles met on football's biggest stage for the last time.

Super Bowl LII Patriots vs Eagles: What’s your favorite Super Bowl snack or recipe?

Let’s get cooking!

Patriots wide receiver Kenny Britt on the verge of literally going worst-to-first

The veteran started the season on the Cleveland Browns.

Pats' Past: Super Bowl XXXVIII

In February 2004, the Patriots and Panthers played one of the best Super Bowls of all time.

Odds and ends you’ll likely never need to know – or recall – from the 2015 Patriots-Eagles meeting

Philadelphia put 35 points on New England during the last encounter, so here are 35 notes of little use now.

Pats' Past: Super Bowl XXXVI

The Patriots' first Super Bowl win was an upset for the ages.

Pats' Past: Super Bowl XXXI

Bill Parcells’ last game in New England was the Super Bowl.

Pats' Past: Super Bowl XX

Next Sunday, the Patriots will play their tenth Super Bowl – let’s take a look back at their first.

2018 Super Bowl: What is your tradition for watching the Patriots in the Super Bowl?

Because I’m sure you have plenty of experience.

Super Bowl 52: How the Patriots have had success against Jim Schwartz’s defenses

New England has faced off against Bill Belichick’s acolyte before- and they have a strong track record of success.

Nick Foles usually struggles after a big game

He’s been incredibly inconsistent since his excellent 2013 season.

Patriots still looking for their first points in the first quarter under Bill Belichick

This stat is as ridiculous as it is true.

Super Bowl LII: Danny Amendola and the Patriots offense can beat the Eagles pass coverage

This could rub Philadelphia the wrong way.

I can’t decide if the Patriots comeback against the Falcons was a better Super Bowl moment than Malcolm Butler’s interception against the Seahawks

We are so spoiled.

Pats Pulpit Podcast Episode 101: The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!

New England defeated the Jaguars and earned the right to defend their title against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Patriots in Super Bowl LII: We’re going back, back, back again

Yep, that’s right. After a nail-biting AFC Championship game that nearly put the King on his deathbed, the Patriots are headed back to the Super Bowl for the third time in four years.