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Patriots surprised by “Wings of Blue” parachuting on the practice field and Bill Belichick just got an idea for a red zone play

I’m sure Bill Belichick is taking notes.

The New England Patriots are practicing at the Air Force Academy this week and they received a special surprise at practice. The aerial demonstration team “Wings of Blue” parachuted on to the field at the end of practice, much to the enjoyment of the players. You can watch the video here.

“It was cool,” tight end Rob Gronkowski said about the display. “I mean, we were in for a surprise. They said they had something for us and they pointed up in the air. We saw an airplane flying around and I was hoping to see someone jump out and they had like eight guys jump out, so it was super neat to see them and they landed right in front of us on the practice field.”

While the players were having fun, I’m sure Bill Belichick was cooking up some interesting play that Tom Brady will audible to by the goal line against the Oakland Raiders by shouting, “PARACHUTE! PARACHUTE!”, and the play design would involve Rob Gronkowski, Martellus Bennett, and Dwayne Allen blocking for Brandin Cooks on a screen or something like that.

What would be the best “PARACHUTE” play design?

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