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Brandin Cooks calls Tom Brady a “Lion” on Instagram

We got a bromance brewing.

New England Patriots wide receiver Brandin Cooks collected 6 receptions for 149 yards and a touchdown in one of the most productive games of his career. He now ranks 4th in the NFL in receiving yards.

He’s also giving some credit to quarterback Tom Brady for elevating his game.

If you want to be a Lion surround yourself with one #patsnation #blessed #together

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Cooks wrote, “If you want to be a Lion surround yourself with one,” on Instgram and posted it alongside a photo of himself with Brady. Cooks is suggesting that Brady is a Lion and that he, too, aspires to be mentioned in the same category some day.

Cooks is on pace for a career-best 1,274 yards from scrimmage this season and he continues to develop his rapport with Brady on a weekly basis. There’s a good chance he will be considered a Lion around the league if he sticks with the Patriots for the rest of Brady’s seemingly endless career.