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New England Patriots Mock Drafts

NFL mock draft: Patriots projected to go quarterback at No. 2 overall

The Patriots need to upgrade the most important position on the field.

Mid-season mock draft: First-round trades allow Patriots to completely rebuild their offense

New England will look totally different on offense after the upcoming draft.

NFL mock draft: Patriots address one of their biggest needs in 2024

Pro Football Focus sees the team add an offensive tackle at No. 5 overall.

NFL mock draft: Patriots select Mac Jones’ replacement in 2024

Pro Football Focus thinks a quarterback change might be in the cards.

7-round mock draft: Patriots rebuild two underperforming units from last season

A local wide receiver headlines an offense-heavy draft for the Pats.

7-round mock draft: Putting on our Bill Belichick cap for one final Patriots projection

Putting on our Bill Belichick cap for one last mock draft.

7-round mock draft 7.0: Patriots trade down in the first round, shore up their trenches

The Patriots move around a bit and get help on both sides of the football.

7-round mock draft 6.0: Patriots invest in some elite athleticism early

The Patriots get more athletic at some key spots.

7-round mock draft 5.0: Patriots bet on high-upside players at positions of need

The Patriots go after some flawed, but talented, players in this mock draft.

7-round mock draft 4.0: Trade-happy Patriots add several instant starters

The Patriots get better from both rookies and veterans in this mock draft.

7-round mock draft 3.0: Patriots address their biggest needs early

New England grabs a potential star cornerback as well as several players who can contribute right away.

7-round mock draft 2.0: Patriots shore up their offensive line

The Patriots trade back in the first round, but still get multiple potential difference-makers.

7-round mock draft 1.0: Patriots make a splash on offense

The Patriots trade for veteran help, and add some developmental talent in this mock draft.