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WATCH: Traffic stopped on I-93 as Patriots team busses are heading to Logan International Airport

Related: Patriots will take two planes to Kansas City to isolate Cam Newton’s close contacts

Following a weekend filled with uncertainty about the team’s health situation — quarterback Cam Newton was tested positive for the Coronavirus late on Friday — the New England Patriots are now on their way to take on the Kansas City Chiefs on the road. The team’s travel plans look a bit different than usual, however.

Instead of flying on one plane, the team has split up into two groups in order to isolate those who have had close contact with Newton before his positive test result. Furthermore, only one of the two planes is leaving from Providence’s T.F. Green Airport. The other is heading out from Boston, which means that the team had to take the unusual trip to Logan International Airport to get onto a plane.

That trip, as shared in a video by WBZ’s Anna Meiler, also included traffic being stopped for the Patriots’ team busses on Interstate 93.