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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes acknowledges he’s not on Tom Brady’s level yet

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are the two biggest names in the NFL, and on Sunday they will meet for the fourth time when Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers host Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs. Needless to say that all eyes will be on the two quarterbacks, but one of them acknowledged recently that he is not yet on the other’s level.

“He’s someone that’s a global star,” said Mahomes about Brady’s status among NFL royalty, via ESPN. “For me, I just try to be myself and go out there every single day and put in the work and try to win football games. All that other stuff kind of comes with it. For me, I just try to be a normal guy and live it up with my teammates and have fun doing it.”

While Mahomes’ career is off to an impressive start — at age 25 he can already call himself a one-time Super Bowl winner and one-time MVP of both the NFL and its title game — he has a ways to go before reaching Brady: the 43-year-old won an unprecedented six championships in his 19 seasons as the New England Patriots’ starter, and established himself as the greatest quarterback of all time along the way.

For as great as Mahomes has played, he is not in the same stratosphere at this point. On Sunday, however, he can add another win against Brady. It would be his second in four attempts, with the previous three meetings all coming against the Patriots.

“I think I was as surprised as everyone was when he wasn’t going back to New England and he was going to Tampa Bay,” said Mahomes. “But he’s in a great spot. They’ve got a lot of weapons there and Coach [Bruce] Arians is a great coach, and they’re winning a lot of football games. For us, we’re just going with the same mindset as if we’re going to play any other great football team and we’re going to have to battle every single play.”