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Relive the highlights of Richard Seymour’s career with the Patriots

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Raiders v Patriots X

Later this year, Richard Seymour will become the 30th and newest member of the New England Patriots’ Hall of Fame: while no date for his induction ceremony has been set, we already know that he has been voted in after four unsuccessful tries. Seymour making the Hall did not come as a surprise, though, considering that he won three Super Bowls during his time in New England and can be considered a founding father of the team’s early dynasty.

Seymour carved out a starting role on the Patriots’ defense immediately after arriving via the first round of the 2001 NFL draft. Over the eight seasons that followed before he was traded to the then-Oakland Raiders, he played on as high a level as any defensive tackle in football and was a difference maker against both the run and the pass — a complete defender capable of setting the tone up front and delivering numerous big plays.

The following highlight reel of his best moments that was released by the Patriots on Monday in honor of him getting voted into their Hall of Fame, shows just how big of an impact he had on New England’s defense: