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Rodney Harrison on Patriots second-round draft selection Kyle Dugger: ‘I absolutely love this pick’

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NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The list of schools who were called to open the second day of the NFL’s 2020 draft reads like a who’s who of college football: Clemson. USC. Georgia. Alabama. Then came pick number 37, and the New England Patriots’ selection of safety Kyle Dugger out of Lenoir-Rhyne.

The Patriots drafting him earned Dugger not just the distinction of becoming the first Division-II player off the board in this year’s draft, it also made him the highest selected player in Lenoir-Rhyne history. That honor that was previously shared by defensive end John Millem and running back Mike Campbell, who were both drafted 150th overall in 1967 and 2000, respectively.

But despite not playing at a prominent school, the Patriots obviously think highly of Dugger — and they are not alone. Rodney Harrison, who won two Super Bowls in New England between 2003 and 2008 while playing the same position as the second-round rookie, recently shared his thoughts on the team’s selection while speaking with Raul Martinez of NBC Boston:

There’s a lot to be said about Division I-AA players like myself, Division II players, we’re hungry, we don’t take stuff for granted,” Harrison, who was drafted in the fifth round back in 1994 out of Western Illinois, told Martinez. “You get so tired of all the big schools and LSUs and Grant Delpits and all these guys being named in front of you. So I think this kid’s gonna come in with an edge on him.”

“I think Belichick’s gonna use him whether it’s over the slot, over the tight end, because they need a bigger guy that can come in and relieve Patrick Chung and cover tight ends,” said Harrison about Dugger’s eventual usage before sharing his opinion on the selection: “I love this pick. I absolutely love this pick.”