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Patriots legend Tom Brady hits unreal shot during The Match: Champions For Charity

Never count out Touchdown Tom.

The Match: Champions For Charity Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images for The Match

No quarterback in pro football history has as impressive a highlight reel as New England Patriots legend and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. On Sunday, he added another one even though it did not come on the gridiron but rather on the golf court: During the charity tournament The Match: Champions for Charity, Brady hit an impressive Birdie shot on the seventh hole. It was the shot of the day up until that point:

Brady, who has joined forces with Phil Mickelson to play against long-time rival Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods, made the Birdie shot a noteworthy for a few reasons:

  • It came after he had not been playing his best golf early on during the game.
  • It led to a $100,000 donation by Brooks Koepka.
  • It was followed by him telling Charles Barkley to “Take a suck of that, Chuck!”
  • Brady split his pants when picking up the ball.

Nothing beats live sports.