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New Patriots quarterback Cam Newton is ‘about to motherf---ing roar’

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Carolina Panthers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The newest member of the New England Patriots took to social media on Sunday to share the latest in a series of videos of him hyping up both himself and his new fans. The clip does not just show Cam Newton work out, but also speaks a clear message: he is ready for the new challenge of competing for the Patriots’ starting quarterback job after he signed a one-year contract with the team that was first reported last Sunday.

“You are great,” reads the caption of the post in Newton’s typical creative font use. “You are the best. You are a dog. You are a monster. You are a lion.” The accompanying video speaks the same motivating language:

“I’m getting tired of all this humble s--t,” Newton said in the two short clips. “When you’re humble, they start taking advantage of you. When you don’t say nothing, they start taking advantage of you. The hyenas can be doing all of this, the elephants can be doing all of this, the giraffes, the antelopes, the chimpanzees, even the gorilla. But there’s one motherf---ing animal in the jungle and when he roars, everything stops. And I’m about to motherf---ing roar.”

Newton arrived in New England after remaining on the open market for more than three months: the Carolina Panthers decided to release the first overall pick of the 2011 draft, who had served as their starting quarterback for nine seasons, in mid-March after a regime change. Coming off two injury-filled seasons, teams were reluctant to bring the former league MVP aboard, but the Patriots — who saw future Hall of Famer Tom Brady leave in free agency — took a chance on him.