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Patriots’ Steve Belichick named among 14 assistants ‘who should be head coaches in the near future’

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New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Steve Belichick spent most of his life around the New England Patriots: the 33-year-old arrived in town when his father Bill took over the team’s head coaching position in 2000. The younger Belichick saw the Patriots establish a dynasty under his dad before joining the organization himself as a coaching assistant in 2012. Four years later, he was named safeties coach. Three years after that, he took over the entire secondary while also serving as co-play caller. This year, Belichick was moved to the outside linebacker position.

An up-and-comer in NFL coaching circles, Belichick’s future in the league will be interesting to watch: Will he stay with the Patriots and eventually take over his father’s position one year, or leave the team to gain new experiences elsewhere? According to USA Today’s Doug Farrar, the latter could be an option:

NFL teams have tried with predictable repetition to grab a bit of Bill Belichick’s juice over the last two decades by pilfering promoting his assistant coaches, with varying degrees of success. Okay, that’s too kind. Most of the Belichick acolytes have not been able to coach their way out of a paper bag when asked to take the whistle at the highest level of responsibility. So, with that in mind, maybe a team will take the next step and hope for some genetic juice.

Farrar named Belichick as one of 14 NFL assistant coaches who should be head coaches in the near future:

Moving to coach the outside linebackers in 2020 is an example of what Bill Belichick has always asked his assistants to do — get as much experience as possible at as many positions as possible so you’re not overwhelmed when you get a head coaching opportunity. Perhaps the younger Belichick is the one to buck the trend of Patriots assistant failure.

Belichick himself would give the usual answer when asked about any potential head coaching aspirations — he is focused only on this year — but that does not mean he could not become an attractive candidate further down the line. His early career has been promising, and both the Patriots and other organizations will keep a close eye on his development in the near future.