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McCourty Twins mince no words: ‘Our Pepsi commercial will outshine Coach Belichick’

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The start of the NFL’s 2020 season is not even a week away, and to get fans ready companies have started to use pro football’s most recognizable figures in commercials. New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, for example, recently starred in a series of ads for Subway — saying a combined seven words in the two clips.

While Belichick’s commercial caught the eye, two of his players will challenge his standing as the Commercial King of New England: defensive backs Devin and Jason McCourty have their own ad coming up in partnership with Pepsi, and they are mincing no words about which of the commercials is the better one.

“I will say this: I guarantee if you watch what we did with Pepsi, you will like it 10 times more than what Bill did with Subway,” Devin told Pats Pulpit earlier this week. “Ours is way better, it’s funnier, we got more action. His only highlight was cutting off the sleeves which I will say that was pretty cool. But once you’ve seen us wearing a bunch of jerseys and singing songs, you’ll understand why I feel like our Pepsi commercial will outshine Coach Belichick.”

The McCourty’s partnered up with Pepsi for an ad campaign under the title Made for Patriots Watching. Not only are the two veterans starring in a one-minute video that has them receive a bunch of New England’s new-look jerseys, they are also promoting a jersey giveaway and other contests meant to help fans experience game day at home. The Patriots, after all, will play at least their first two home games in front of empty stands.

Most importantly, however, it gives them a chance to show off their own acting skills compared to those of their famously stoic head coach.

“We’ll have to bring that up,” said Devin. “I’ll try to go side-by-side in our squad meetings, and see who the team really thinks had a better commercial.”